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    I love my Yaqi doc with maggard MR5 handle.
  1. I will be using my New SC tomorrow. Been using an R41 and New LC for a while. I want to see if I notice a difference in blade stiffness.
  2. i got a couple done and love the gin kote...
    I got some of my pieces done by delta echo and love the results... sorry some of the pics are so dark, i was having problems with lighting lol

    Those are 2 red tipped super speeds and an old type btw. the slim was done by RazorPlate in black rhodium...

    2017-06-24 13.28.35.jpg 2017-06-24 13.28.52.jpg 2017-06-24 13.29.24.jpg
  3. Just purchased a replated NEW SC. I'll give it a test drive and will report!

    Any recommendations for a blade to use in it? I have some new Feathers (which might be too much if this is a fairly aggressive razor -- they work fine in my postwar Tech), some Gillette 7 O'Clocks and Silver Blues, some Personna Platinum Reds, and a few Personna Supers.
  4. Come on, we don't have your beard . Experiment with the blades you've got on hand, there is nothing unusual about the SC that should make it difficult to enjoy with your favorite blade. It's more aggressive than your Tech but not an aggressive razor.
  5. Just got one of my closest and most comfortable shaves ever last night. The tools were a Schone and a Voskhod. Absolutely BBS for my whole face and neck with zero irritation whatsoever. A rare quality of shave. I’m still enjoying most of the same closeness this morning over than part of my neck where the hair always grows a bit faster.
  6. Mi experiences with OC razors (15c), whatever blade I have used expected KAI and Feather, , I not got an smooth shave with it on a 3-4 day beard.

    It was always scratchy like a dull blade instead of an sharp smooth shave, I do not know why..perhaps I had must used the Feather?....

    It was a curious thing for me.

  7. In my OCs, Nacet & GSBs rule, much better than KAI or Feather on both counts.

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