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    +1! Perhaps! :a11::a11::a11: (Really depends on the particular razor and your beard.)
  1. Phoenix nickel-plated DOC arrived today. The knurling is some of the best I've seen on a modern razor. It seems a bit light compared to my EJ DE89 and Merkur HDs. Will give it a go this evening! I'll probably go with an Astra blade since this a new razor for me. Now to choose between Tabac, MWF or Proraso . . .
  2. Gentlemen, this is an amazing razor and feels very mild. But in terms of closeness it is it is more like a slant or even a straight. I had two days of stubble, and after a single pass and a rinse, I almost felt like I didn't need a second. But I lathered again and shaved ATG. Wow! BBS with very, very slight irritation around my throat where my whiskers grow in multiple directions, and I suspect it has more to do with having kept a beard the past few years and my technique is rusty. A fine razor indeed.
  3. I've been thinking about snapping up a NEW, and have been reading the pro/con on long comb vs. short comb. Sounds like the SC holds the blade a little more rigidly for a more efficient shave?

    One site which has been mentioned positively here, Sport Shaving, has some copper/gold polished NEWs for sale. They look gorgeous, but in another thread it's mentioned that they tarnish a lot and require frequent polishing. How frequent? Every time you shave with it, once a week if you dry it off after a shave, or what?
  4. I own a Fatip Grande and a Muhle R41 and I much prefer the Grande for shaving after a multiple day growth. The longest I’ve gone between shaves is 5 days and the Grande sailed through the whiskers with minimal tugging or clogging.
  5. J 5

    J 5

    There are many mild OC and SB. Some OCs feel better on my face than some SBs.

    Of the OCs I've used, these are the mildest (ordered from mildest to medium for me, YMMV):
    1. RR SLOC
    2. 1930s New Long Comb
    3. RR Old Type
    4. Merkur 25C

    I'd say the 1920s Old Type, Fatip, and PAA BOCS fall on the medium to aggressive end of the scale (I'm using aggressive as a measure of face feel and or propensity to draw blood).

    That said, all can yield very efficient and close shaves.

    Happy shaves with the PAA! I have heard it's milder due to its negative blade exposure, but I know many love it.
  6. Honestly, get them to plate one for you in a metal of your choice .the polished ones require more maintenance than you want in a daily driver.
  7. Or you can check out Delta Echo. Just got a NEW LC from them yesterday and it looks awesome.

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  8. I have dozens of open combs as well as solid bar razors. I don't see too much difference based solely on the open comb. I really like them both. There are mild and aggressive versions of each.

    But the PAA DOC I have in aluminum is so mild I fail to get a close shave from it. If you want a sweet smooth shave, try an RFB NEW, or a British flat bottom NEW. Very smooth close shavers, but mild on the skin. The US NEWs are great too. My first open combs were the Parker 26 and the Old types. They just made me want more. The RAD is real...
  9. My understanding is delta delta echo refinished in baked-on paint finishes of the type used on firearms. I'm sure it's a good finish, but I'm thinking it won't look original, right?
  10. It's a gun-Kote finish. Baked on. Doesn't look original for sure. But they look terrific, and shave incredibly smoothly. I think the Delta Echo finish greatly improves the slickness and glide of the razor. I have a NEW LC, and a late 40's Tech done by Delta Echo and love them both.
  11. @BradWorld is correct. If you are looking to keep the razor with a more original finish, then you would not choose Delta Echo, but if you wanted to customize a vintage razor and have something that is both beautiful and different, then Delta Echo would be a great way to go. Plus the Gunkote finish is very durable.
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    I remember reading at some point that the open comb on a razor was initially designed to help align the hair to the blade as a user shaved. That made sense to me. I dont think the average person shaved every day or so 100 years ago.

    I do however prefer OC razors myself for their added efficiency. A Fatip Grande, 1917 Gillette Single Ring and NEW SC being my favorite razors.

    I also have an R41 that has a sort of hybrid comb. The Fatip Gentile I also see as a type of hybrid comb.
  13. I find it easier to shave the Commander in chief 's foo-foo with an OC than a CC.

    I don't know if this helps you in your quest....
  14. My beard is heavy on the chin and eats blades alive, but my cheeks and neck, not so much. That said, I have an Ikon with an open comb that I like to work into the rotation periodically. It's very aggressive but with little effort and a lot of care I can get a nice shave with two passes. The open comb doesn't notice that the whiskers on my face are different than my chin, just cleans everything off. If I'm not paying attention, it can bite, though...
  15. All things being equal, an OC is going to remove more growth than a closed comb. The big BUT is that most OC are not identical to Sold-Bar/Closed-Comb models, with some exceptions, such as the Timeless SS/Ti models, however, look at their Bronze models, the OC is NOT the same as the SB model. - That Bronze OC is one super aggressive razor, so much so I returned mine, it was way too much razor for daily shaving for me. Their SS 95 OC on the other hand is very manageable, even with the greater gap than the Bronze. There's more to just being a SB or OC, the gap, exposure, and angles all come together.

    The other part is an OC should NEVER really clog, no matter how dense, thick, or long the growth. I've had shaves with my Rockwell or Slim at lower settings, and that narrow gap sure makes it easy to clog them, even with just a 1 or 2 day growth or even a thick lather. An OC would just laugh off what would clog many SB razors.
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    I've never clogged my Fatip Grande, even with a thick lather. Or my NEW SC or Single Ring for that matter. I can easily clog my Slim on 7 and even on 9 with a thicker lather.
  17. Sounds like good advice. I'll definitely look for a NEW short comb or long comb, and if I like it, I'll have Chris at re-coat it.
  18. Or you could buy an already replated one from Sport Shaving. Probably much quicker and no need to hunt for a good example first.
  19. That is good advice considering their prices.

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