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Ooops it happened again (another decant turns to poopy)

Some of you might remember my post from a couple months ago about my decant of Bond No. 9 Hamptons in a plastic atomizer turning gloopy-gloppy gelatinous. Well, a few days ago I grabbed my decant of Wall Street and found the same thing happened. Here's where it gets a bit tough to figure out: the Wall Street came in the same delivery from FragranceX around November or December 2011, in the same manufacturer glass sample vial, and was put into the same 4ml plastic atomizer from Accessories for Fragrances on the same day by me. The Hamptons went bad a while ago, at least two months back, but I know the Wall Street just turned recently because I wore it a couple weeks ago and it was fine then. I don't really expect anyone will be able to solve this for me, it's just that the current thread about someone looking for a tiny funnel and being directed to Accessories for Fragrances reminded me of what happened and I thought I'd share. So there you have it, and just to play it it safe, I recommend all of you staying away from the following: FragranceX, Bond No. 9 Hamptons and Wall Street sample vials, and 4ml plastic atomizers from Accessories for Fragrances.:scared:
I would suspect that the issue may be more with the atomizer than the frags themselves.

Easy to find out. Buy an atomizer and load it with something in your normal stock... perhaps even something that comes in a plastic bottle like Pinaud or Aqua Velva.
I'm betting that there is a reaction between the alcohol and one of the sprayer parts.
I was about to reply that I had put a bunch of other fragrances in those same atomizers on the same day and that they are fine, but I'll be damned, I just grabbed the bunch and here is the breakdown: Cartier Roadster fine, Profumi del Forte Tirrenico fine, Bond No. 9 Coney Island fine, Acca Kappa White Moss fine, Bvlgari Aqua Marine fine, Polo Blue NOT FINE, Gucci Pour Homme NOT FINE, and we know Hamptons and Wall Street NOT FINE.

In light of this, I will ammend my warning: Stay away from 3ml (just checked order email, 4ml was incorrect) clear plastic atomizers from Accessories For Fragrances.
I can't remember what size I bought, but I haven't had any problems as of yet.
Mind you, I debated long and hard between glass and plastic.
I went with the plastic because i've had too many glass ones leak.
I've given a bunch to a friend long ago and he has not had any problems as of yet.
Very strange indeed, I've been using these plastic atomizers for about 3 years with not one single problem except for the occasional stuck nozzle.
Maybe a specific set of chemicals in some colognes react with the plasticizers in the atomizer to form a gel? There is a lot of wierd stuff in colognes, ethers, alcohols, ketones.... are there in some form. Makes a strong case for glass but I'm not sure about the atomizer mechanism.
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