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Omega not mentholated?

I picked up a tub of Omega shave cream with an Amazon order. When I tried it, I got no cooling sensation at all. I thought that it was essentially a rebranded Proraso, and I've noticed some differences in formulations in various threads, but all of them seem to agree on the soap containing some menthol. Mine is just a plain eucalyptus cream. The ingredients don't list menthol (or the lanolin of old, for that matter), and I certainly haven't felt it any time I've used it. Lathers nicely, performs excellently otherwise, but I was sure I was getting a mentholated soap.
I don't really notice the menthol from Proraso (old formula), either. I think most people get the menthol feeling from it but certain people do not.
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Here's the ingredients list. Are there mentholated and non-mentholated versions? Or is this just one of the iterations along the road of shaving soap reformulation?
According to the ingredients list it has eucalyptus which has a smell all its own. It is often mixed with menthol for asthma patients as it allows for freer breathing. This may also explain why I don't notice the menthol in Proraso as I have been exposed to higher concentrations of menthol/eucalyptus off and on most of my life.
that's why I love my omega cream,a nice hint of menthol to compliment the eucalyptus..


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I recently aquired the same tub of Omega, and can confirm that it does not have Menthol listed on the ingredients. Furthermore, I can confirm that it truly does not contain Menthol, because I have a strong allergic reaction to menthol that results in a distinctive burning sensation. I have not had any reaction when I used it, ergo it truly does not have Menthol. And it is a top-notch performer, in my book.
I have a tube of Proraso green (nuova formula) and I love it, especially on these few warm, humid mornings we've been getting lately. The Omega, however, I can't really compare because I find that I get a familiar burning reaction all over my face (I had the same reaction to several RazoRock soaps). I definitely don't detect any menthol, listed or not.
Any word on who is making the Omega soap now? The tub mine came is the same shape as the tub Uomo soap comes in. I wonder if the manufacturer is the same.
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