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Old knot + old handle = new brush?

My first brush was the Parker silvertip with the chrome heavy handle. I used it for over a decade, never enjoying the shape or heft of the handle. After about 5 years being my sole brush the knot popped out, I used it sans handle for a while as it had a massive glue stick to hold. Alas it was even more floppy then stock and it was too floppy then! Fast forward still more years later to TODAY! my every ready 300 pbt started the death throes of shedding. After drilling and grinding out the old knot I was left with a light weight hollow handle that I knew was destined to be filled with the giant glue stick. The big long knot gives it just the right heft. It's not set in stone but going from 60mm loft to 51mm has made for quite the dense knot, stoked for the shave tomorrow.
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