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Old Fogies Club: What was your workout today?


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Hilly ride on my vintage Italian road bike 53 minutes, 9.2 miles

Got caught in a couple of late afternoon showers high above Hwy 1
For past year and a half or so been doing a full body workout at home - mostly resistance bands/tubes. I do high volume 30-60 reps - single set to painful lactic acid buildup ( not quite failure ). I try not to pause between sets. I do some shoulder and back MFR pre workout and full body slow dynamic stretch/MFR after. Whole routine including stretches takes about 28 minutes. Heart rate gets as high as 155 BPM, averages for entire workout about 125-130 BPM. According to Apple Health burn about 200 calories. I do about 14-18 sessions a month. It took a lot of experimentation to find which exercises I can do without injury while still getting to every muscle group.


I walked for 45 minutes on the treadmill while reading a book on my Nook.
Then did 20 minutes of one of those programs on that thing. It was an Intensity workout. Not bad.
Took advantage of the nice weather the past couple days. Yesterday did 9.32 miles with 642 ft. of elevation gain. Today was even nicer. After the first loop, I stopped in front of the house and debated in my head whether to do another loop. My head said, ah what the hell, go for it. So today was 18.64 miles with 1,284 ft. of elevation gain. I almost didn't make it up the final hill at the top of the mountain just behind my house. But I was able to grind it out, veeeeery slowly. Weather calls for rain all weekend so I'll have time to recover for Monday's ride.


Just 2 miles today on the treadmill.

I didn’t feel like doing anything but had to.

I am working 4-12’s and for all 33 years that I have worked this job I have hated this shift. It kicks my butt. You don’t see family and you don’t get to rest. I prefer midnights but 8-4’s are okay.

We have a local curfew of 10p-5a. Nobody pays attention to it. So we still have work.

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