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Old Fogies Club: What was your workout today?

Yup, I'd already downloaded the free Amazon Kindle preview. It's incredibly generous, it includes the whole squat section. (Don't know if this is someone's mistake?)
It's great for learning the right form. It's much more comfortable having the barbell resting on muscle than one of your spinal vertebrae!
I probably need to work on the hip drive thing. One thing I really won't manage is getting my knees as wide as shown in the stretch/demonstration. My anatomy just doesn't work that way, and I have no trouble going low so hopefully that's not an issue. I'll keep working at it.

It sounds like you're off to a great start. One thing you may want to keep in mind is that there is likely a person living in your area who has attended one of Rip's seminars and has also taken a test administered by Rip to coach the lifting methods he describes in his books. A few sessions with that person can help work out any kinks in your movements and lifts. This may be a useful resource for you if you have any limitations performing any of the movements. There is also a SS forum and members will occasionally post videos and have other members critique the movement, but this is a less reliable method of achieving proficiency in the lifts due to the possibility of trolls derailing your progress.

Stay with it and good luck!!
They say after 30 you start to get that old man strength, is that true? I'll be turning 30 in october and if that statement is true, i guess i'll be looking to join this thread.
Almost 47:

Swim two miles three times a week (really hydrates the beard, bonus!), yoga twice a week. The odd walk around the 'hood between swims.
Variety of squats, lunges, dumbbell presses, and cable stuff after foam roller and other mobility drills. Back to cardio tomorrow. Wasting my kids' inheritance due to frequent purchases of smaller pants.
Forgot about posting here

Daily squats to 375x1
Deadlifts to 440x5

No metcon today. Thank freaking goodness too as it was Fran on the whiteboard today.
Squats starting at 10 X 30Kg, working up 2Kg at a time to 62Kg/137lb (2 sets of 3, then 3 sets of 4.)
Time to do squats again. The last lot didn't hurt as I exercised, but gave some good aches in the days after.
This time I worked up 4Kg at a time to 66Kg/146lb (set of 5). Felt much easier than before, probably down to better technique. Could have gone higher but was almost out of weights and decided not to push it.
Followed up with deadlifts to 153lb. Easy, but the only weights left were 28lb of small plates on my dumbells, and I couldn't be bothered to transfer them. I need to buy more weights now, I guess.
Last night: 2 hour upper-body session. Dips, bench press, dumbell bench presses at various angles, machine butterfly.
Good session, left me hurting, but so much time taken. :mellow: At least I managed to interleave some cooking with it.
I did one sit up...when I got up out of bed. Then one push up...when I fell out of bed. After that I went back to bed.
45 minutes on the exercise bike with intense 30s bursts every 2 mins or so (plus 6 minutes warm up/10 minutes cooldown.)
Hadn't done this for a while, it felt harder than usual.


Edit> Saturday: Lying L-Flys, normal & wide pull-ups, chin-ups, dumbell side raises, 30 mins on exercise bike.
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At 45, I guess I qualify. I went for a 3 mile run and completed 2 dumbbell circuits (push-ups, squats, reverse lunges, overhead press, curls, tricep extensions, dead lifts) followed by stretching.
This thread is interesting as far as the wide variety of exercises people are doing in the "old fogies" bracket. Some people are doing more than I could do when I was a jock back in high school.

The bottom line is that it's great people are doing anything they can to try and keep themselves feeling decent.

With a touch of sarcasm and humor I'd like to comment on what I'd say are key variables here.

- The age of an old fogie is vastly different amongst us.
- Some old fogies are in much better shape than others.
- Some old fogies may be the same age but in completely different physical condition due to:
a) damage done during athletics
b) years of previous neglect
c) abuse of ones self (IE partying, eating, risk taking etc)
e) any combination of the above

I have a combination of the above variables.

I try and exercise MOST days of the week. I have to try and be very conscientious to not injure myself. One (of my many) surgeries 18 months ago was a shoulder cleanout for impingement and bursitis which was brought on purely from doing weighted arm raises. That was THE END of the no pain no gain thinking.

I say this to my fellow B&B friends - be careful! Exercise is great but use caution.
I have to try and be very conscientious to not injure myself. One (of my many) surgeries 18 months ago was a shoulder cleanout for impingement and bursitis

Not sure if it's relevant to that precise injury, but this is why I've started doing L-Flys to look after my shoulders.
Also I lift weights slowly. As far as I'm concerned, it's harder than explosive jerks, it's better exercise, gives better form, and it's safer.
Maybe some variety of speed is better for growth, but I'm not in any kind of race.
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