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Old American Steel

Ebay snag. Seller advertised as SXM. I looked at the stamp and said "HMMMM SCHATT AND MORGAN!"

Still trying to track down the tang markings. THey started in Gowanda, NY in 1891 or so and later moved to Titusville, PA. Have a buddy with one marked with Titusville on the tang.

Got the razor for cheap. Some dough head has used a dremel on it to "clean" it up. Left a few too many tracks but it sanded out pretty decent. Nice heavy little 5/8 blade about a half hollow with somebody's name scratched into it.

Honed on this thing for a while last night and have yet to get it "right". Probably put a piece of tape on it and start over. Funny thing it would not grab hair off a 1k Chosera. Moved on to the 5K Naniwa and it started feeling sharp. Took it to 12K and pbbbbbbbt. LOL Spine's nice and shiny and smooth now. :tongue_sm

It'll come around.


Nice find. You have to post a picture of the cleaned up version, too!

I suspect that whoever did the hatchet job just learned that the hard part isn't getting the crud off.
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