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Okay...I'll Keep The Case!

I apologize. I once said there was no use in keeping the razor case. (After all, you can't shave with the case.) I was wrong.

I found this little 1951 W1 beauty in almost mint condition with razor blade insert card and the original case. (And I am keeping it all.)


(So...anyone have an extra 20 Blue Blades pack? LOL)
Aren't those red/clear styrene cases beautiful! :w00t: I found a similiar one awhile back, you don't see too many with that red cardboard insert. You need to find the 10 pack of blue blades.

I see what the card says but it is hard to tell via a picture if a dispenser would even fit with the card, or my thought was a sales pitch, you could add the 20 pack for storage purposes.
Mine fits just right. This one is my only complete set and I'm a little proud. :cool: I didn't think you could see the whole card. :blush: I know you can read Ray.

That's a beauty!! I picked up a W-1 SS in the same box, though not as nice. It had about 10 old Permedge razors in with it. Christopher always seems to find great deals on stuff!!!
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