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ohh.. the dissapointment...

New blades and a new soap (my second in one week...:001_smile )...

Fresh out of the sauna and in to the bathroom for a shave..

New soap (Akka Kappa with salvia) smells fantastic opening the wrapping, start to make som lather and the smell just dissapears.. :eek:

I wanted that smell to be there during my shave but no it was gone.. :mad:

Well the lather I got was really good (Has been a problem for me before in my short wetshaving carreer (thanks guys for posting so much advice... :001_smile ) (It was for me all about beeing to lazy to keep wipping that brush long enough)..

However the shave went not OK, (my first cut with a DE..)
well well... still a rookie...
Well Congrats , and Welcome to the board.

Its ok it will happen sometimes make sure you go slow. atleast you made the transition I know this CW from Sweden he is from Sundsvall he shaves with an M3 still he is also known as the naked chicken.......:lol:

Welcome to B&B.

As to your first shave, look at the positive. You ended up with good lather! That's a start. Many people post on here wondering why they can't work up a good lather. You did good for your first time. Nicks & cuts are to be expected while trying to develop your technique. Remember, a DE razor is much different than the cartridge razor your mind is used to shaving with. It will take a bit of time to learn how to get that glassy smooth shave with no nicks. Stick with it and you'll do great!

Again, welcome to B&B...
It was actually my 4th shave with a DE, the previous went OK (no cuts and very close). They were all done withe the blade that was in with the merkur.

I didn't mind the cut so much it was more the disappoinment withe non smelling soap..

Maybe one should order some more soap...... (trumper??)

Trumper's is a fine choice..You can't go wrong with the 3T's. My personal "T" of the 3T's is Taylor's. I think they provide an incredible value and outstanding scented creams/soaps.

Let us know how it goes..
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