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Oh my.

My Trafalgar just arrived. I gave it a test lather. It smells fantastic, and it makes a really silky lather. I can't wait to shave with it tomorrow. Do all the T&H creams lather like this stuff? If so, I'm going to have to get some of the other varieties.
T&H creams have been at the top of my "WOWZERS" list of creams for a long time.

All of them are fantastic performers.

Faves for me (as far as scent)

Grafton, Trafalgar, then 1805 (personal opinion based on my smeller and personal likes/dislikes)
Try the T&H sample pack. I bought the one with creams, balms, and colognes. My favorites were Grafton, rose, and lavender. But they all performed very well.
IMHO T&H creams are some of the best lathering creams out there. Unfortunately they're on the pricey side; however when they give you scents like Trafalgar and 1805, its hard to complain too much!
They pretty much all lather like that, although I do have to second the thumbs down for the West Indian Limes. Performance was good enough, but the WIL scent - which is awesome in the cologne and a/s balm - just doesn't translate well in the cream. Otherwise, the creams rock. Choosing between them mainly comes down to scent preference.

The Ultimate Comfort is also slightly different from the rest of them, but no less awesome. In the tub, it is lighter in consistency, but it lathers like a champ. The lather is a little "wetter" than the others, and is very slick and conditioning. For some reason, a number of Ye Olde Shaving Cream fans don't like it, but I think it may be the best one of all. A rep from T&H North America revealed a couple years back that it was the best selling T&H cream.
I had a sample of the Trafalgar and it was a great product, Loved the scent. I want to try their Ultimate comfort
I own Trafalgar and Sandalwood, Trafalgar is my favorite scent but the cream doesn't lather as well as the sandalwood, maybe I just got an old tub.
The only T+H I have is an 1805. I'm not crazy about the smell (find it has a sort of bitter, herbal tang) but it lathers up like an absolute dream and has a lovely texture. One worth getting hold of, if you're feeling flush...
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