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NOTICE: State of the Badger Address

Thank you Phil and the Moderator team for continuing to make this a great place! I appreciate your ongoing effort to keep B&B a respectable gentlemanly resource. This speaks volumes to the teams devotion. Now enjoy your holidays!

Merry Christmas!

+1. Thanks for doing all this, Phil.
Thank you, Phil, for all of your hard work. We all appreciate the effort you and other Moderators go through to keep this site as great as it is. Now go enjoy the holidays with your family!

I just want to add my own thanks. All of this hard work was done by a very small group of Mods namely two or three who are the site admins.

You guys rock. :thumbup:

Far too true.
Thank you very much for your brilliant work to maintain this great forum the way we all like it to be. Happy New Year to all of the B&B'ers!!!
I had spammers destroy one of my forums. Thanks for cleaning house! Another way would be to let only established members have links. Even a week waiting period kills 99% of the spammers.
Thanks for all your hard work keeping this site up, running and a pleasure to visit :thumbup1:

I'm always bragging what a great place this is and as I discover more places in the Forum & the great folks to "chat with", my appreciation just grows!

Thanks to the mods for all the time and effort you put into this site, so I can spend time not putting time and effort into anything else while I am here. :blush:
Thank you, Phil, for all the work you do, as well as to the other moderators and administrators for their efforts.

I can only imagine how much of that work most of us never know you all put in to keep the place fun and safe.

Much appreciated.

Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication. I'm concerned the bad guys may be reading our strategy that you have outlined and will work on penetrating it. We live in an imperfect world populated by unseemly persons.
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