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I did the poop Smear test this year at @50 in our province and was all normal. Earlier, I had asked my Dr for a scope but the surgeon didn't seem like he thought it was necessary so I didn't press it

FastForward a few months and I got a requisition in the mail. I was happy to see it as I would rather have too many tests than not enough when it comes to the human body and especially cancer screening.

Did a low fibre, no fruit or vegetable skins, no seeds but or raw vegetables for a few days. Then the big one .....24hr clear fluids only and the 4L jug of poison paired with a couple of high powered laxatives. By far, the prep was way worse then the procedure. Especially at Christmas when there is baking and snacks everywhere. But it wasn't that bad in the grand scheme of things and I would gladly do it again.

The procedure was quite entertaining actually and quick I was very much conscious, talking to the nurses and Doctors and watched the entire procedure on the tv screen about 2' from my face.

All clear. No issues. No polyps. No concerns. Recommend poop test in 5y, but in all honesty, I'll probably also for another full scope.

Get it done if you are of age, at risk or have any concerns. It could save your life.

Even got some take home pics of my squeaky clean colon...which I will resist posting....or maybe one will by avatar!
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