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NOTICE: State of the Badger Address

Thanks greatly to all for the work and effort to keep things rocking smooth for the rest of us. All the mods do an amazing job here.
It's unfortunate that the few have ruined some options for the majority. However, the changes you made are for the best and probably the most effective way of preserving B&B's status with the search engines and reputation as a whole. Thank you for all the hard work put in, that couldn't have been an easy purge.
Thanks folks. Spring Cleaning came a little early but its always nice to give everything a good airing out. Your efforts are appreciated by one and all.
Great work Dave (and others) Nice to know that B&B actually does something to all those spammers. We're pretty busy somtimes checking new mailaddresses to find out that they are used to spam. But that is quite a small scale compared to B&B ofcourse.



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Time and a half for anything over 40, and double time on Sundays and legal holidays.
But we get paid in Monopoly money, so it really doesn't matter that much.
Thank-you for your efforts! Proof again that the internet, while wonderful in many ways, can also be used nefariously all too often and easily!
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