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Newcomer here!

Hi folks,

Surprised that I spent such a long time lurking without registering. I've been into wet shaving since 2014 when I was 17 years old. For a little background, back then I was obsessed with the '50s and everything about the aesthetics of that era. I was wearing my hair with Brylcreem, Vitalis and so forth. Slightly unusual case. Anyway, with my heavy beard growth that started at 13, I had just been using what was at my disposal: Usually Gillette Sensor 2 disposables and Bic single razor disposables. Those were what my parents usually bought. I think I used my dad's Mach 3 a few times too. Never had an issue with irritation, ingrowns, sensitive skin or anything like that. But I stumbled upon safety razors inevitably in my search for classic grooming. I'm sure glad I did, it's probably saved me a lot of money over the years.

Anyway, enough about me. Glad to join! :)
Welcome to B&B!
Looking at your intro, I did a little math ... hell, I've got underwear older than you. :lol1:
Like you, I share a fascination with the 1950's.
Unlike you, however, I was conceived during the Truman administration and born early in the Eisenhower administration. o_O
This is a great site. A lot of cool and helpful people here. I have benefited greatly from my time here and I'm sure you will too. And as someone else said, there are still a lot of Fifties razors floating around out there. I've purchased a few of them and use them as regular razors and they are absolutely wonderful. You can search eBay or Etsy to find some ...
So enjoy your time here!
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