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Newbie with a merkur :)

Ok gentlemen i have gone from a twin blade with gel, to a sensor, then i found face scrub and shaving cream!, but fingers were not great. A special offer at TOBS i treated myself to a badger brush.....Wow what a difference. Then i upgraded to a fusion power, but way to expensive so i got a cheap wilkinson sword DE. I then found this site and all your advice, i got a merkur 38c barber pole and use an old mug for lather.

Its been quite a journey! But i have to say that each little tip has made a bit difference, even using the mug for a lather, putting the warm lather on your face makes a big diffeence.

It has been about a week now with the merkur. The thing is a weapon. I never got a BBS with the wilkinson, so was a bit sceptical. I shaved one half of my face with the fusion and the other with the DE....guess which won...the DE.

I am still with the merkur blade and its fine, but i have a selection in my draw eager to be used.

So heres to you all and thanks for sharing all your little tips that make the start of the day much more enjoyable.

My goodness....is shaving becoming a hobby!:biggrin:

Congratulations on your progress! Hobby you say? How about passion? Sheesh my wife thinks I am weird.

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