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  • My wife wanted to know if you've ever attended Atlanta High School. She said she knew someone in high school they called "Guido". Since you are just on the other side of the border from us, it made sense. Thought I'd at least ask.
    Hello, Good Day Asylum Guido,

    I respect your knowledge & expertise on razors. I would like to ask your opinion as to how the 1947-53 Super Speeds that come in the "styrene plastic/clear lid cases shaves in comparison to a 1947 super speed that were sold in the cardboard backing. Is there a difference in closeness to shaves or are the shaves the same in these series of shaves. Would you recommend in you opinion in seeking a 1947 razor or just settle on 47-53 series because they are basically the same razor's with no marked difference?

    Thanks :001_smile
    Found a NOS, silver, Micromatic, open comb, maroon case, blank paper blade in razor, hanging tag saying to lay flat on face. 916-442-3446
    Seems this is another way to leave messages, different than a PM. Sort of a fan page lol
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