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Newbie question about searching for topics here

I've been here a few months but I still have a newbie question that I hope some of you can answer for me. I'll probably slap my forehead and say "why didn't I think of that?" --- or I guess it's possible this "gotcha" has been getting you guys too and I'm not alone?

How do I search for posts about a particular product I'm interested in without getting flooded with search results from the "what did you shave with today" megathreads?

I am interested in A&E soaps and want to read some reviews and hear what other forum members thought of some of the scents that I haven't tried yet. I could just start a new thread asking the question but I'll bet there already exists a megathread about A&E products. Any tips/suggestions for what string I could search for to get me threads about A&E soaps while excluding all the "what did you use today" mega threads?

thanks in advance.
You can also just search with Google. site:badgerandblade.com "A&E" "Soap" seems to return decent results.
I wish I could manipulate the search logic on this site better, because I agree with you that I often need to leave the site and use Google to find things. It's strange that searching this site for "A&E" (like that, in quotes) doesn't just return that exact phrase. You get results with any page that has an A or and E on it, just as if you had searched without quotes. I'm not aware of any way to do AND, OR or NOT (or near). There are certain queries that the advanced search does well with, but others seem basic but I'm unable to get them to work.


I shaved a fortune
I used the search engine from the beginning, but truth be told, I learned more from going to a particular forum, reading a few threads and following where they lead me.

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, I started reading the Journals and Diaries. Until the beginning of this year, they didn't come up in "what's new" or "new posts", but they do now. I was also fortunate to have a few members here PM me as they read questions I'd posted. They guided my journey here... starting with mild or unscented soaps, shaving brushes and finally razors... with the accessories and skin prep and post shave added along the way.

I love to read. I think that was a plus. I devoured the old threads, bumping them with my questions. The people here are so helpful, a "newbie" will fit right in. Just ask questions in an existing thread: start your own.. whatever. The B&B community loves to assist people. It can cost you a few dollars.. or you can find the frugal people here and follow their advice. We have the whole spectrum here. ;)
+1 to @NachoMamma's suggestion.

I've been searching B&B for nearly two decades and have always had better luck using Google than the forum's engine.

Even without any quotes or other formatting in the query the results have unfailingly been more relevant.
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