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Discussion in 'Shave Clinic & Newbie Check-In' started by mark89, Aug 22, 2010.

    Hi, I'm Mark and I am 20 years old. This is my first post but I've been lurking around for a couple days. It's funny how I stumbled upon wet shaving as I have never heard of it or even knew what it was.

    I was at Target looking for a razor and saw that Gillette came out with a new razor, the pro glide. So after reading the package I bought into the hype and took the plunge and bought the electric razor including the cartridge it came with. After checking out the prices for new cartridges, I thought to myself dang they're expensive. But what can I do, this is what I have to pay if I want a top of the line razor and a close shave. Boy, was I wrong.

    So after coming home I went on just to read the reviews. Someone mentioned wet shaving in their review and I asked myself, hmmm whats that? So I googled it and started researching and am amazed that I never knew about this. I started watching videos on youtube and then came across this site. After reading so much for two days I decided to take the plunge and purchased a few things to start my own kit.

    This is what I purchased.

    Proraso shaving cream
    Weishi safety razor
    Tweezerman Badger brush

    Starting off cheap until I get some experience. I can't wait to get started. Any tips for a newbie? I read that the derby blades are a good starter blade. Should I use this for my first shave? Thanks everybody!
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  1. Mark,

    Welcome to the forum and freedom from the shackles of the multibladed monsters.:thumbup:

    You have a nice starter kit. I have most of the blades you have acquired, and I would start with the Dorcos as they are mildest blades and in my opinion, the most forgiving.

    I'd then go to the Derby, the Red Pack Personna, and the Israeli blades.

    If you want a change from the Prorasso and are near a Rite Aid or Duane Reade, you may want to snag some Real Shaving Co. Shave cream. At $5 a tube, it really can't be beat.

    Just remember to prep well, use absolutely zero pressure and you will be fine. The shaves will take longer, and at first may not be as close as the cartridges, but given time, you will be achieving BBS shaves routinely.

    Have fun and ask as many questions as you want.
  2. Welcome to B&B!! Glad you found us, you are in for quite a trip down this road. I think you've made some good choices so far. +1 on RSC, its a good value, and even my wife is falling for it. I have the same brush, and use the CO Bigelow version of Proasso, its a great cream.
    There is great information to be found here at B&B. Check out the tutorials, and take your time as you get started.
  3. Welcome to the group Mark !!:thumbup:
  4. Nice starter selection. You done good! I love everything Proraso.
  5. Welcome to B&B!
  6. Welcome to B&B !!
  7. Welcome to B&B.
  8. Welcome to the good ship B&B. Take a stroll on the promenade deck and enjoy the voyage. :thumbup1:

    You have done well for yourself.

    Always remember, relax but be vigilant when you shave!
  9. Welcome to Badger & Blade!
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    Welcome to B&B, Mark. Make sure you read the stickies and wikis.
  11. Welcome Mark.
  12. Welcome to B&B. As you are asking for beginner advise I cant suggest the shaving videos by Mantic as a great place to start. He has very good videos on a large number of topics. The search function is another great place to find information. Also feel free to ask questions on here, this board is filled with friendly and knowledgeable fokes who like to help out.
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    Mark - Welcome and thanks for sharing your story!!
  14. Welcome to the B&B. There's a wealth of information in the tutorials as well as from fellow members.
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    Welcome to B&B. I found the reviews and the tutorials were very helpful when I was starting out.
  16. I would usually use the 3 blade disposables and got a pretty close shave but not BBS. I always would have a patch on my neck that I could never get. I just learned to live with it. I know once I get good with a safety razor I will acheive BBS.

    Another thing I forgot to mention was that I bought was a styptic pencil. I hope I won't have to use it though.:lol:

    And thanks everybody for the replies!
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  17. Welcome to the Badger & Blade!

    Let us know how your first shaves go, with the new gear. Did ya get your money back for that other stuff?
  18. Welcome!:thumbup:
  19. Welcome aboard! You are starting off with a nice blade selection there. You may find that you enjoy some of the blades others knock, or disdain as 'starters'. If it works for you, run with it!

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