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hey everyone, i'm Shane.

i've been wetshaving now since i was 19 years old. having the genes of a wolf, i started growing facial hair at 11, and shaving at 12. after years of being told a can of foam and a flimsy disposable was good enough, i began to look elsewhere. i got my first brush, mug, double-edge safety razor and cake of soap at 19 and haven't looked back since (although i might try going the straight razor route).

i think it's great that such a site exists where i can see all sorts of new shaving/grooming goodies from a group of guys that understand the importance of the almost lost art of taking care of yourself. i can't wait to contribute more to the site.

Welcome Shane,

genes of a wolf ? shaving at 12 ? im impressed I just remember as a kid you want to grow up fast because you want your first shave so bad to be just like dad, then when it hits you, you come to grasp your going to shave your whole life unless your Michael Jackson.
Welcome BACK Shane! You've come to the right place if you want to see numerous opinions on shaving and shaving gear. So pull up a comfortable chair, your keyboard, and join in.
bumpus said:
Oh man, there's two Shanes now? ;) Welcome aboard, Shane!
You guys are gonna need at LEAST another 20-30 before you come close to giving all the Randys a run for their money! :biggrin:

Welcome aboard Shane.

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