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new guy from orlando

Hi all. Just signed up here and thought i'd introduce myself. I found this place while trying to find out more about getting a good shave. I've been using a mach3 for years now and my face is now telling me that it has had enough. I've gotten to the point where i dread shaving and just let it grow when i don't have to work. I'm planning on ordering a razor(haven't decided on DE or straight yet)and some goodies to go along with it(brush, soap, and such) this weekend, and finding a none painfull way to remove the whiskers from my skin. Obviously i'm here because i want to learn all i can, and i welcome any suggestions. Well thats about it, thanks for having me.



While I have not shaved with a straight, I am truly in love with my DE shaves. I wish you the best of luck in your transition, and don't be shy about posting questions.

Greetings Clint!
While we always joke that it is only shaving, this is a grand opportunity to find the brush, razor, and other kit of a lifetime to start the first day of the rest of your life with a great shave.
Good luck and enjoy the forum.

Welcome to the forum! You'll get an overload of information here, so take your time and sort through it carefully. Since you've been using the Mach for a while, you'll have a bit of learning to do about angles, pressure, and how to properly shace off the stubble. For that reason, I would suggest starting with a DE. If you go new, the two most recommended are the Merkur HD Classic and the Merkur Progress. Very similar razors, but the Progress is adjustable. While you are properly learning how to handle the DE, your face will be adapting to your new shaving tool. I generally suggest visiting QEDUSA, clicking the Contact button and then calling Charles. He's a great guy who will give you straight forward advice about getting started, and he won't try to take all of your money. He'll let you get hooked on the different creams, soaps and razors and let you voluntarily send it to him. That's my take, others will chime in with their viewpoints. The key here is to do what works best for you, and we will do all that we can to help you.

Welcome bud!

If I may - I'd suggest picking up a Merkur Progress, or Merkur HD to start out with, and purchase a Savile Row SR8T shaving brush, along with some Will G shea butter shaving soap - and I really thing you have a SUPER easy to use setup that will deliver smooth, pain-free shaves! Best part is... I didn't recommend anything "over-priced" - yet every item I mentioned is outstanding and will leave VERY little to be desired. You should be able to get the products I just mentioned for right about $100. :smile:

Welcome once again - and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask questions, read the forum, search the forum, and let us help you pick out your gear and move forward. Not only will it be fun for all of us, but you'll be sure to get the best information out there, and will be able to make an informed, decision while attaining the highest value and satisfaction!
Welcome aboard Clint! Everything that needs saying's been said, so I'll just second Randy. I know of several guys who Charles steered away from the $100 Vision and towards much less costly razors because he felt it was the best fit for them. He'll do right by you.

Please feel free to post your experiences.

Nick said:
Welcome aboard Clint! Everything that needs saying's been said, so I'll just second Randy. I know of several guys who Charles steered away from the $100 Vision and towards much less costly razors because he felt it was the best fit for them. He'll do right by you.

Please feel free to post your experiences.


Welcome Clint! What Nick said!

Welcome aboard Clint! You will now be on your way to smooth, irritation free shaving. Feel free to let us know if you need anything. Looking forward to hearing about your progress.
Welcome Clint. I started using D/E just about 3 months ago, so I understand where you are at the moment.

A couple of suggestions. I would get the Merkur H/D. It cost about $30. Very easy to use and I believe you will find the transition very easy and quick. I know I did. Also, get a very good shaving cream, such as Trumper's or Taylor's and get a couple of different scents to add to the variety. A good silver tip badger brush is a must and a quality after shave balm, plus don't forget the replacemet blades. You'll shave for about 2 months on a package of blades compared to one or two M3 cartridges and you'll get a better shave.

I bet, like me, you'll start looking forward to shaving again.

Try this place, Em is very good. www.emsplace.com

Good luck!:lol:
Hey Clint,

Welcome to a place with some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. I'm a DE weekdays) and straight razor (weekends) shaver and I can tell you a straight razor has a much steeper and longer learning curve vs. a DE. The first thing you have to learn even before shaving with a straight razor is how to get one sharp enough to shave with and how to keep it that way. THEN, you have to learn how to shave with it. It truly is a load of fun and I really look forward to using my straight razor. But I would be concerned that you might get discouraged if you went directly from a cartridge to a straight razor. There are many things to learn about wet shaving alone. A DE will give you almost as good a shave (much more comfortable than a cartridge) and will also give you some experience with wet shaving. As you'll see here many guys, being perfectly satisfied with a DE shave, never go on to a straight razor.
So, my recommendation would be to start with a DE for at least a month or so. Then after some reading on your part about straight razors, straight razor sharpening, and straight razor shaving, mostly on websites like this one, straightrazorplace.com, and the straight edge razor forum, to name a few you'll be ready to give it a try. You can be reading up about straight razors while you're using your new DE and learning about wet shaving. Regarding learning to use a straight razor be patient with yourself. It'll take some practice. And you'll be rewarded with the best and most fun shaves you've ever had. Once again, welcome. And most of all...have fun!:thumbup1:

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