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New Gillette platinum (replacement for swedes) on ebay

Looks like there is a seller in Spain who has the new Gillette white box platinums on the blue card. These look like the replacement for the swede. He ships to the US and has a BIN. Price is high, about $34 with shipping for 25 to the US.

I should be able to post this since it is a BIN.


FYI, I am not affiliated with this seller in any way. I have been wanting to try these blades for some time and this is the first person I have seen selling them and shipping to the US.
These "Platinum Classics" are very similar to the dark blue Platinums from an eBay seller in Malta. I will dig up the discussion link: Here in the GBE thread

Grabbed a couple of these, only 2 left. Asked seller in my best Spanish to list more of them, people will buy as many of us want to buy these. eBay makes it easier than their website.

Hopefully we see a few 100-blade boxes listed soon.
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Yep, I have the platinums from the seller in Malta. They were good blades. Frankly, I liked the super thins better, but they will still respectable blades.

I really want to try these. I have 25 on the way.
I spent my holidays in spain last year. These blade were sold in almost every supermarket there. I didn't buy some. The blades were more expensive than from the seller from ebay.
They are easily available in Greece also. Price at the super market below 1.5 euros for a pack of 5.
They clearly weren't for me and for me they have a very big difference in comparison with the swedes.
If you really want these I can send a couple of packs, but I'd have to check the exact price first.
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