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"New" brewing idea?


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Scotto was kind enough to get me one of the plain black plastic filter cones about two years ago, and despite its being just about the lowest tech device imaginable, it delivers a terrific cup of coffee because you have total control over the temperature and brew time.
I do the same thing with my drip pot. It has a plunger in the bottom that closes when the pot is removed. I pre-wet the filter, add fresh ground coffee and water, wait three or four minutes, then replace the pot. Of course the rest of the water I add goes on through the grounds like a normal drip pot.

I noticed Tom's recommended hold-time is 3.5 minutes across the board. I plan to order some beans soon, and I'm gonna try out one of these.


Interesting idea. I might have to pick one up. I was a big fan of Melita's cone drip system (using the #4 filters). Since my 12-cup drip maker died, I am back to using my $26 4-cup drip machine, that uses #2 cone filters. I always have a decent supply of #2 and #4 brown (unbleached) filters. This is very tempting.
I got one of these (Clever Coffee Cone) and have been experimenting with it. It makes an excellent cup!


*Control of brew time: this overcomes one of the big drawbacks with filter-drip
brewers. I add my water, stir, and cover. I stir again midway through the brew.

*Great for single- or two-cup brewing.



*Limited amount can be brewed. Uses #4 filtercone, if you want more, you
must reload.
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