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New B&B DVD Run

*** Important: This run is complete, and DVD orders have been suspended. If you send money, it will be refunded. If you're interested, keep an eye on the General forum, as any DVD announcements will be made there. ***

Howdy Guys,

Good news for those of you who have been wondering how to get your hands on a DVD: I'll be home for a few days coming up, and we're opening up sales for a one off run. Anyone who has money sitting in my paypal account from the past two months is already on the list.

Sales are open from now until June 9th, 11:59 PM PST. DVDs will be shipped on June 12th. Any Paypal transfers placed after the cut off date will be refunded.

The bad news is, there's a slight price increase. DVDs will now be $11 (USD) for members, and $15 (USD) for non-members. The DVD is homemade, and has god awful audio, so if you're wondering if $11 is really worth it, you might want to PM a member who has purchased one and get their opinion (whatever the case may be).

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this sale, paypal is the only accepted form of payment.

If you'd like a DVD, Paypal the $11/$15 (member/nonmember) to: [email protected] and make sure to mention the DVD in the subject line and include your shipping address in the paypal transfer. If you're a member, to expedite the process, make sure you also send me a PM letting me know what the email is you used to send the payment, otherwise I'll send you an email requesting you PM me (to confirm eligibility), or if it's close to the deadline, your payment will be refunded.

Feel free to PM, email me or post in this thread with any questions or comments. :smile:

ETA: It's in the previous thread, but I forgot to mention it here (thanks John), all prices are domestic. If you are ordering from outside the U.S. (which also means U.S. postal codes in foreign countries like Iraq), PM me before placing your orders as some countries require different processing due to different rules.

Ive been watching the DVD over and over the last 2 days.

Id say if your a total NEWBIE with not much background on what is out there then this DVD is a MUST HAVE but if you were a freak like I was when I became a B&B Member and havent slept for a week going over all the info here at B&B you can do without it because most items you will aready know by reading the plethora of info here which is amazing.

You can use the DVD for the following motivations which was why I bought it and am still happy with it.

-Support the B&B founders
-double check your technique against the ones on the DVD.
-Hear honest opinions about high $$ class products that you probably cant afford and will save you time or sleepless nights.
-See the famous Method Shaving being performed (very explicit warning!)
-See a straight razor being stropped and used with lightning speed on face
(its safe there is no blood to be seen this is the scensored version)
-the difference of lathering up a brush using Soap or cream.

All in all ID get the DVD -freak or no freak this is a MUST Have item it does include Humor about the sound well if it was provided on a seperate track in some digital format I could touch it up alot being a certified sound engineer. but im affraid the sound must be in the same frame format as the video I think and doesnt come on a sperate track ?

Funny stuff Just saw Joel lathering up the T&H Bowl warming up his ceramic bowl but he didnt use it for making the lather he made the lather so fast using the wooden bowl only and his hands ! a HA ! I see I must use way more water in the brush lathering up my Kent bowl soap !
:w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: Sorry, I'm just excited about the DVD run and wanted to see if there was any word on it yet as I have heard nothing. I apologize in advance for my impatience!!


Thanks for the kind words. :smile:


The DVDs went out Monday as promised. Everyone that placed orders should start receiving theirs (some of you Californians might have already). There's one on its way to Australia via Air Mail which I assume will take another day or two on top of the standard 1-3. A certain someone (he knows who he is) got two for patiently waiting with money sitting in my paypal account for two months without even a peep. I know I know, one's good for a coaster, what's the point of two? Well, he could pass one on to a friend who might be interested, or he could hold onto it and several months down the road auction it for some big buck. :wink:

Thanks again for putting this DVD run together! I am sure that all the newbies out there like myself will really appreciate SEEING (in many cases the first time) someone actually going through the steps of shaving.

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