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New aquisition - 7 Day Set

Well, I've been searching high and low for some time now for a decent quality 7 day set, and today it paid off!

In the mail is a 7 day set of Dorko straights (Solingen) in a very nice condition reptile skin case.

I have heard many good things about the Dorko's from very reputable folks, but have never used one.

Anyone here have experience with them?

Any and all opinions, comments and information on them are more than welcome.

Feast your eyes on these beauts!
Nice pickup, I was watching those - 7 day sets don't come around everyday, especially super-premium blades like Dorkos. I have owned 3 different Dorkos and they are up there with my Le Grelot, Puma, and Breidohr razors very, very good shavers. Also, your new set is in such good condition with case intact and all . . . . congratulations, great score.
Congratulations. Those are beautiful and I'm sure they'll deliver the kind of shave you wanted.

I had a chance for a 7-day set that was believed to be a turn of the 20th century set that stayed in mothballs all this time, but I was brand new to this straight shaving game and figured it was putting the cart before the horse. It didn't stay for sale long. I was tempted, though.

Looks great.
Totally fake, names are spelled wrong, I don't even think that's real lizard either.

But who knows, give 'em a hone, tell us how they shave :tongue_sm
Awesome set.Maybe some day after I've saved my allowance for a few years I may get to own a beautiful set like yours.
I love how the pattern in the skin is nearly symetrical, excellent looking case, and some wonderful looking razors as well.
Doh! I just realised that was the set i was bidding on too :blink: However your pockets must go a lot deeper than mine :001_smile Still at the winning price i think you still got a good deal.
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