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Never an aftershave...is that weird?

Yup, I don't use them at all. I've tried alum off and on for years and it's only dried my skin out. Splashes usually burn and I then need to apply a balm after that.

The soaps and creams I tend to use on my face most often are pretty moisturizing. MWF, Kiss my Face Unscented SC, any olive oil based soap, etc. I feel like they do a good enough job without adding more stuff over it. I'm not exactly against fragrances but most of my favorite soaps are unscented or scented with a plain soapy type of scent.

On the occasional winter day I may rub on some Aveeno lotion or put some natural beard balm on but haven't used an AS splash in many years.

Anyone else in this same boat or am I the odd man out?
Alum is not considered an aftershave per se, rather a way to clean up and heal any microabrasions and rinsed off. Shaving also removes a bit of skin so using a product after your final rinse is wise. If you get a burn from an alcohol based aftershave, there's your proof of what I just said about skin removal. Some sort of restorative balm, unscented in your case and maybe with sunscreen, is a smart thing to use. But, as is a common phrase these days, you do you.
Not using a commercial fragrant aftershave is a little unusual today, but certainly not unheard of.

It would not be so unusual say 150 years ago. At that time even a daily bath was unusual. Our culture is in a constant state of progression.

However back then they might have used a few drops of olive oil or cooking oil, but fragrance was less of a consideration, even with fewer baths.

The next time I chat with a 150-year-old guy, I will try to remember to ask him about all that.


Got lucky with dead badgers

Never an aftershave​

Witch hazel at the very least!
Shaving is abrasive to one's skin and needs some type of astringent.

Wouldn't call it weird, but would say that you probably belong in a 1% group.

Yeah, I agree in a forum like this...but overall? I don't think so. Too many guys shaving with a disposable and foam before running out the door to work.

Thanks for the helpful replies. I do use sunscreen on the days at work where I have to be outside. I guess I don't consider that an aftershave- but I do put it on after shaving and before I leave the house. ;) So, @CCS your post has officially made me a part of the aftershave crowd. Now I can reply "Sunscreen" every day on the Aftershave of the Day thread! :c2:
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