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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by doctordial, May 4, 2019.

    My daughter gave me the three bottle set of Nautica cologne for a Christmas gift. I was wondering which ones you guys are using for summer. I don't want my daughter's gift to go unused or to waste. She doesn't know much about mens cologne or my taste in cologne. She just wanted to get me something for Christmas and didn't have much money.
  1. I use Nautica Voyage quite a bit.

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  2. Voyage is great. It is a "cheapie" but it smells fantastic and I prefer it over a lot of fragrances that go for $100 at the dep't stores.
  3. I have Voyage, like it. Got gifted Voyage N-83 and I like that even better.

    What's in your set?
  4. I went through my old stuff and found a few bottles of the original blue competition. Smells just as good as I remember. You can get it on eBay for pretty reasonable prices I think.
  5. I may have the same Nautica set as the thread originator. I received it this past Christmas. Voyage smells good. So does the Heritage. But the N-83 is my favorite. It is more of a fougere at first, minty and green. The heart and base notes aren't as good as the opening, but N-83 is good enough I might have to get a larger bottle. I have never liked the original Nautica from way back, but I enjoy the Voyage line and its' flankers.
  6. Voyage is really awesome. Also have Nautica Life which is pretty good too.

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    i've never tried any Nautica, but can say that you have a special daughter!!
  8. I like Aquatics when they are done well. However, I just didn't like Nautica Blue. In fact, it might be least favorite out there. Maybe I have smelled it too much over the years, maybe it's the ninety bottles of it I see clogging the shelves of the discount stores I love. Whatever it is, Blue is the smell of "blah" to me.

    I would give the others a chance, but I tend not to see many open bottles. I can imagine them being great summer scents if they're complex enough.

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