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My wife spends money on...

So, I buy a few razors and creams and get the look of disbelief from my wife. I hardly buy anything for myself! She doesn't want to hear that it's cheaper than the cartridges and disposables. (Not for long as I believe I have RAD. Six razors and growing.)

My wife has spent thousands on scrapbooking. She even has a whole room in the house for all her stuff! I spend two hundred dollars and you think it's the end of the world.

1. Do you get any grief from your wife about your RAD?

Am I alone on this or do any of you experience this too?
I used to get grief on everything; then I got divorced. Now I have a GF who really doesn't care what I spend my money on. A GF is the only way to go. No legal contracts and if it doesn't work out, you just go your separate ways and you are done with it. With no kids involved, there is absolutely no reason to spoil our great relationship by getting married. I have all of the antique fishing gear, knives, watches, and razors I care to collect and get zero grief.
I never ever let my wife see the receipts or packing slips. Intercept the mailman every chance you get. When your significant other asks "Is that new?" your reply should always be "This old thing?"

I work hard but don't play hard. Years ago when my wife and I met it was the other way around. I hope she appreciates the change. I don't drink, smoke or gamble. I don't eat fancy cuts of beef. Haven't been to a movie in years. No chrome rims or sound system for my truck. I know my limits and those set by my income. My only debts are a monthly mortgage and associated living expenses and my wife's car payment. If I want something and I know I can afford it, I buy it. If I can't, I don't.

My wife doesn't say anything anyway because I'm the man and she's the woman and that's that! *ouch* (she just hit me).
It sounds like your wife is selfish. Why can't you have a hobby if she has one? That's not fair. SWMBO knows that some things can be expensive but is understanding because she has her own hobbies. She spends her money on her hobbies and I spend on mine.
I got myself a couple razors for Christmas and her the makeup she wanted and an afternoon trip to Mohegan Sun. Everyone was "Happy Happy Happy"
I reluctant to say it, but Framous's post was my first thought.

My wife has been very supportive of my "peculiar hobby" as it's the first thing that I've done that's not household, business or family related. Just as I've always supported her music, sewing, shopping etc. because she enjoys it, she supports my various AD's (until it creeps into the living area of the house).

Perhaps she could scrapbook your wet shaving journey?
No I do not get any grief. My wife is very intelligent and if I tried to tell her that DE shaving is cheaper she would laugh at me. Honesty is the best policy. Besides, she pays the bills and knows exactly how much I spend on shaving stuff. She actually helps me buy stuff. We went to an antique store in Delaware today and she went looking for anything to do with shaving. She found of couple of old brushes that she thought I might be interested in. The only thing she asks is if I start spending too much in a given credit card cycle to stop until the cycle rolls over to the next month. We always pay it off but we try to spread out the spending. After all these years I think I'll keep her:thumbup:. Besides, this is the cheapest hobby I've ever had. Let's see; motorcycle, model trains and remote control airplanes, photography, guitars and amplifiers, handguns, rifles and shotguns (cowboy action shooting, IDPA, Highpower, Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays) and all the accessories. Oh, she has her hobbies as well.
We leave each other free. As long as we can afford it, spending money on hobbies is fine. I've yet to hear the first complaint of her on my purchases.
My girlfriend supports my addictions. She'll go with me to antique shops on weekends and keeps an eye out for razors and brushes. So whenever I place a soap order I always get some bath soaps I think she'll like. She is starting to get interested in the hobby since I found her a lady's Gillette.
I must say mine supports all my collections and phases: cars, pens, razors, watches etc... She also does scrap booking and has her own room for it. The only time I say something is when she buys and doesn't produce anything. She can't say that I don't use my shaving gear. The only time she gets on my case is when I go into buying spree mode, that's about two months (or less) out of the year.
My normally supportive husband had been giving me grief for months about the number of razors I'd acquired. We exchanged gifts tonight and there was a Futur waiting for me. Turns out he was just worried I'd buy one. Now he's pushing me to do a video podcast about DE shaving for ladies since there's not a whole lot of info out there about it. Whole thing weirded me out.

All I can say is that I think you need a whole room in the house for your shave den!

Folks who don't enjoy shaving just don't understand why we would want to spend that much on shaving supplies. I mean what would we think about a person who collected Bic disposables?
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