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My Travel Kit

With my upcoming Key West Vacation in a couple of weeks, I decided to put together my travel kit

thinking small for future camp/deployments I came up with this
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The shave stick cover is a 35mm film case

I took the tp roll idea for the brush but took a paint roller which is plastic (water proof) and cut it to length, used duct tape to clean it up and make a bottom.

small bottle for the witch hazel and a travel razor.

the bag is actually a bag for a blood pressure cuff. 2" x 4" x 6"

I still need to get a container for some ASB but I still have plenty of room in the bag.

Now I just need to remember to take out the blade and put that in my checked luggage.
I like the shave stick cover idea.

Got my Speick stick today and wondered what I might cover it with in my kit...now I know:biggrin:
I really like the Merkur travel razor with that small leather pouch. I have both the straight and open comb razors, and take them both when I travel. They don't take up any room in my dopp kit at all. :wink:
Well I am glad you posted a photo of it regardless. The Speick stick seems to have been made to fit a 35mm can.

When I ordered the stick I sort of figured it would come with a cover of some sort. When it did not, I wondered what to use....10 minutes later I saw your image...problem solved.

Thanks to whoever thought of it but especially thanks to jjmitchem for posting it yesterday.
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