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My Time Bath & Body Menthol Cream Shaving Soap

I just purchased some of Jean's Menthol shaving cream (10 requested on the menthol scale) and wanted to give my impressions.

I am a fan of Permafrost mainly because of the cooling effect it has while it's on my face. There were reviews of MTB&B's Menthol shaving cream on this forum and, for the most part, the reviews were very positive. As I just mentioned to Jean (owner of MTB&B) in an e-mail thanking her for her product, most times the hype on a product is quite a bit different from the reality. Not so with this product. The cooling effect on my face during my shave was intense and has remained so for over an hour. There were no cuts, scrapes or burns during the shave and I received one of the smoothest shaves I have ever gotten. This cream is as cooling if not more cooling than Permafrost. Where this product, IMHO, outshines Permafrost is that the cooling effect lasts longer and the shave I received was, comparably, a much better, closer shave.

As an aside, some of the posters indicated that they had a problem working up a lather with this cream. I found that starting with the brush a little drier (1 extra shake) than normal and adding a little bit of water as needed is the way to go. I had no problem working up a lather in my scuttle. Usually, I have to work at it because I live in an area of Florida that has very hard water.

Kudos to Jean for providing such a great product!
+1 I use the 7, I like menthol but not a Siberian winter. I live in colder weather and Jean's product is all I need. By the way, I have the lavender and the Bay Rum and they are all excellent and with tallow too!
Ditto above. Great product for the menthol-heads. I have been using mine more often now that it is summer, and it fits the bill well. Never had a problem lathering it - could be that my technique is the same as you described. Good write up!
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