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My New Progress is Extremely Uneven

Just got a new progress from classicshaving last week and gave it a try yesterday. First thing that went through my mind after i got the blade changing procedure down was something along the lines of 'crap, this definitely looks like that uneven exposure thing everyone complains about'. It was really that visible. I gave it a try anyway, and the proper angle for each side varied dramatically. One was the highest angle id ever used, and one was the lowest. Trouble was id forget which side was which when i put the razor down and i ended up with a few nicks.

I really doubt ill end up using this thing much more unless i can find a remedy. Ive definitely done some research on this but the normal tricks havent really done much. Will Merkur or classicshaving help me out? Im sure someone on this site has tried this before. Any advice? thanks.
sometimes turning the cap around helps. the numbers won't line up, but the blade is now even. good luck.

That's an "Old Wives Tale" perpetuated by the misinformed.
A properly made blade cap is symmetrical so the only difference reversing the cap should make is throwing of the adjustment scale.
In fact if your razor shaves differently when you reverse the cap that a sure sign that it's defective.
I have the same issue, but over time (18 months) it has become less of an issue. The greatest thing is to get the blade situated such that there is no difference in the way it shaves from side to side.

In addition at the base of my cap where it meets the stem, it is starting to corrode.

So much for quality.
Honestly, what I would do is contact classicshaving, and send them pics (if possible) of the gap issue. Wetshaving vendors are usually extremely helpful and very good with their clients. I would assume they would attempt to make arrangements with you.


Classicshaving will not pay return shipping although you can trust that they will give you the refund in a decent time. You also do not have to put tracking as they will not lie and say that they did not get it back.
Ill try contacting classicshaving about it, hopefully with pictures. Im not sure if i could get them clear enough. Anyway, ill give it a shot because the thing is pretty much worthless to me. Looks pretty just sitting there, but thats not worth $55.....
I had the same problem with my Mergress, I feel like one side shaves better than the other. Over time I pretty much stop caring because it's a gives me a great shave either way. It sucks though because it seems like Merkur dropped the ball with the Progress and it's one of their nicer razors.... IMO.
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