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My GRAIL RAZOR appeared… after EIGHT YEARS at B&B and DE Shaving.

Handle is interesting. It has to be head heavy.....
Be crazy if it took little batteries and had leds that lit up...
Very starwars z...

But yes, congrats!
Bottom-line very happy you have found what works the very best for you.
I just amplifies the enjoyment of the shave to the max....

The same thing popped into my head. I see a space to put stuff into. Glow in the dark handle would be cool, or fill with oil and glitter, luminous powder, etc.
Wonder how many with Grail quit buying more Razors?

Cutting Den to One?
I have found my grail razor, a Ti Bird (safety bar) and have not disposed of any razors.

The Ti Bird is used at home most days I’m home. On my late wife’s birthday and our anniversary I use an A4 Red Tip from her birth quarter. I use a C4 Flare Tip Superspeed on my birthday as it is from my birth quarter.

On trips, I use my SS Bird which is always in my travel kit and is my second favorite razor.

I also have a travel kit left at a friends for the one or two nights a week that I stay there. This is my variety kit. I use the same razor for the life of the blade which is 4 shaves for most blades, 3 for Feathers and 8 for SS PTFE Gem blades.

This works for me. The Ti Bird gets most shaves but I also keep some variety with a dose of sentimentality thrown in.


I think this fits, Gents
I found my grail razor - or actually it found me - but that doesn’t keep me from enjoying other ones.

Great find @Cal - enjoy your beauty!

Let me see, I have a grail razor for when I shave everyday, one for when I shave every other day, another grail razor for when I wait four days between shaves, a grail razor for just my neck, a grail razor for my birthday, a grail razor for when I want to use a very special grail razor, and then I have a bucket of techs for when I just want a great shave.

Some people are fad chasers, other have self control, know there is no grail. Bet the guy who holds any record, someone is always chasing to beat it.

Babe Ruth was HR King, for decades. Now Bades record is not a big deal, broken many thing last 20 - 30 years.


I think this fits, Gents
Some people are fad chasers, other have self control, know there is no grail. Bet the guy who holds any record, someone is always chasing to beat it.
Go to the local dragstrip and walk through the pits during their weekly event sometime. Some guys just throw money at their cars hoping they will go faster, some have to have the latest trick part they think will make their car go faster. Some have the prettiest cars, but never get them off the trailer. And some guys have it figured out, spend very little and win all the time.

Shaving gear is no different. Shiny is always better!

Congrats @Cal

I know the feeling exactly!
I started using the blackbird in January 2022 and that's all I've used since then.

I've tried a few others but they quickly left the den as they didn't come close to the blackbird!

I'm in shaving nirvana with my daily set-up of blackbird/BIC combo!!
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