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My friends reaction to some soaps

I have a friend that I have assimilated and he is having what seems to be an allergic reaction to 2 of the 3 soaps that I have loaned him.

Reactions to: TOBS Sandalwood and AOS Lavender.

No Reaction to: Mama Bears Citrus & Basis.

His face turns red when he uses the TOBS & AOS .

Any ideas ?

It's certainly possible to have a skin reaction to both lavender and sandalwood. You/he could test further, but with all the wonderful options around, there are plenty of others he won't have a problem with.
If he gets a reaction without shaving and just having the lather on his skin, then it is most likely just a reaction to an ingredient in the soaps.

If it only happens when he shaves, it could be that the soaps the issues are with are triple milled and his lathering technique is not up to par.

Either way, there are plenty of soaps out there to try.
Oh, okay, I see. :wink2: You're "friend" should indeed check his technique, lather, etc. but I think in all likelihood he has a sensitivity to something. Mama Bears soaps are usually fairly heavily fragranced so I'd be surprised if it was the fragrance oils he is having problems with. You're "friend" just needs to try different products. If he keeps having problems in a discernible pattern you might be able to figure it out. Rich is right, there are plenty of things out there that in all probability will work. Don't worry, your "friend" will be alright. :laugh:
Any ideas ?


just glad it wasn't mine..... :blush:

2 thoughts only.. I am doing a search on Linalool allergic reactions and came up with a whole bunch of hits. (This is in the TOBS but couldn't find ingredients for AOS.) i am going to search further on this, but I repeat, there were a LOT of hits on google...

Further, my Citrus and Basil is a fragrance oil.. I believe AOS and TOBS are fragranced with essential oil.

I am pretty sure the cause of his reaction is due to one of these two things... I am still really sorry to hear this...

Bear Hugs


also.. I found this interesting.. http://www.healthcentral.com/allergy/c/3989/26134/rhinitis-fragrances
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Further, my Citrus and Basil is a fragrance oil.. I believe AOS and TOBS are fragranced with essential oil.
The difference doesn't matter, really. It's still the same chemicals producing the scent. In addition the article you linked to deals with simple irritation of the nasal cavities without the production of antibodies characteristic of an allergic response. When lather provokes a response we're usually dealing with the latter class of 'irritation', which is a fundamentally different type of irritation compared to the former.

And even though I know you select your fragrances with care, there isn't a fragrance on Earth which does not irritate anyone. And even omitting a fragrance will irritate some people, as the product smells yucky :).
Well, lavender essential oil is known to be an irritant to some people. Not sure about sandlewood (assuming it is in fact sandlewood EO and not a synthetic).
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