My first knot replacements

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    I thought I'd share the first two brushes that I put new knots into. I wasn't really looking to make any collector pieces. I just wanted to make some good brushes to use.

    The Black and Gold EverReady 500PBT is the brush that I have been using for years. But it's been losing hairs and getting thinner and thinner. I used a 20mm Super Badger fan from TGN.

    The Red and Cream EverReady 100 was a boar brush that I bought on the BST. I used a 22mm silvertip knot with extra hair from TGN.

    I was concerned that I would glue the knots in at an angle since both of the handles were hollow. I test fitted the knots and decided how deep to set them. Then I filled the handles with polyester resin. Once that was cured I just spread a thin coat of epoxy on the bottom of the knots and pressed them in place. It gave the brushes just the right heft and it made installing the knots squarely foolproof.

    I used rotary rasp bits in a cordless drill to hog out the old knots. They worked slick.

    Freshly installed.


    In full bloom after one shave each.

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  1. Beautiful work - I'm really partial to the black/gold one. Did you have to repaint it? If you did that's fine work and very impressed. If not - I'm more impressed that the gold is in such good condition! Nice set of brushes - you should be proud of them! Enjoy!
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    Nice work!!
  3. Nice job. They look great.
  4. I didn't do any restoration to the handles. Just some minor cleaning.
  5. Beautiful work.

    I will soon be doing my first restore and if it turns out half as good as these I will be happy.

    Did you have to do anything to the Ever Ready for it to take the 22mm? I have an Ever Ready C40 and a F40 on the way and I am assuming they will only take a 20mm without modification (which I may be reluctant to do first time round).
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    The black/gold is a beauty.

    Nice work, by the way.
  7. Looks like you did a fine job! :thumbup1:
  8. The red and cream EverReady was pretty much sized for a 22mm knot. That said, I did enlarge the opening some in order to get the knot to seat deep enough. There really seems like little difference between grinding out the old glue from the knot and the plastic of the handle.

    The rotary rasp bits work wonderful in a cordless drill for clearing out the old knot as well as opening up the plastic.

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