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My Birthday present

Worked back Boker.
Blade is tapered, but it looks like it is supposed to be that way.
I know, it looks like massive hone wear, but it is perfectly even on both sides, and is within a few thousandths heel to toe on the spine.
But I could be totally wrong.



I do need to reset the bevel, as there are a few dings, and a spot that looks rolled over.
Well, I had a shave with the Boker today. The heel and toe both need work(toe more so) but the middle, is the smoothest I have seen.:w00t:

It actually cast doubt on my other razors shave readiness, and they are going to be getting some hone work asap.

The toe was actually not cutting whiskers at all, despite cleanly cutting arm hair, and the heel was tugging a little bit. I ended up finishing the WTG pass with it, but used my go-to for the ATG.
Nice razor.

But, that is indeed heavy toe wear.

No big deal, it's still a sharp piece of steel to shave with!

I am sure you are correct, but when I used calipers to measure spine width, the toe end, and heel/tang end were identical(+-a thousandth).:confused:
so to my eyes, it makes no sense why it looks the way it does.
You really want that razor don't you... And you seem to think I'm willing to give it up too... Hmm.....:confused: :lol: :001_huh:

It's big, shiny, wedgey, of course I want it. As for you giving it up, all a matter of time before it works its way out of the rotation, and onto the chopping block.
I dunno, unlike Fnord, 3fa actually pays me for the razors. :lol::lol:

Although, Fnord may get some burners to...uh...experiment with once in a while.

I am more than willing to pay for your razors, just nothing in my price-range.:tongue_sm
We could always compromise.
I spend a little more, you accept a little less. :lol:
Win Win, as you get to increase your budget.:tongue_sm
Well, I'm working on a Case Red Imp wedge right now. Bought it just to try it out and then PIF it for the price I paid plus a honing charge. Since it was breadknifed. I'm going to give it a quick polish too.
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