Multi Function trimmer USA made for detailed beard trimming plus hair cutting.

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    I have been looking for a USA made beard trimmer that is quite detailed and great quality, solid construction with dual voltage. I have looked into the Brio, and the Wahl Stainless. Apart from those I have no idea. They both look good, but I've seen some pretty bad reviews on the Wahl.
    I do shave with a Feather AS-D2 but I am wanting to keep the main body of my beard and mustache nice, neat, but also let it grow. I'm also wanting this tool to be able to cut hair as I keep a bald haircut, but if necessary I'll get an extra palm held skull trimmer.

    Any thoughts on the best solution?
  1. There are indeed multiple great trimmers from Wahl, I don't which one you found bad reviews for, though are the other options like Oster and Conair... You can find more Here: Best Corded Beard Trimmers 2019
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