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Muhle R41

I've always used vintage Gillettes but love how some of the modern razors look & am curious if anyone can shed some light on how the Muhle R41 compares or contrasts in weight & heft to a 40's Gillette Super Speed. (Whish is what I've used for nearly 3 years). I know it's much lighter than the R89 it replaced but from my perspective is a better looking razor. thx in advance.

Hi Jeff,

I assume you are referring to the 2009' R41 all chrome open comb. I have one and it weighs under 2.0 oz which I believe is less then the SS however, its a fantastic shaver. Don't let weight be your only guide. Muhle did a fantastic job remodeling this razor. I have tried several different blades from a Feather to an IP even a Personna you buy at Walmart. This razor doesn't care what you feed it.
Yes, exactly the new model R41 is the one. It's a stunning razor & if it performs as well as my SS I may have to give it a go. I love the SS, & it's in decent shape but 65+ years leave a mark or two & I would love to have a razor that's adds a certain masculine & classy flair to the bath area.
I can't compare the new R41 to the gillette but I agree it is a great shaver.It uses the Merkur open comb head but fit & finish is of a higher level. It is rather light but balance is very good and all in all this is my favourite modern shaver I guess. Definitely worth the money!
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