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Mug warmer - feel the heat

Let me start out by saying I hate cold lather! When I bring the shaving brush to my face for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th passes, cold is not a quality I'm looking for. Like many here, I start out with hot water in my bowl, but alas, it just doesn't last long enough to keep my lather from cooling off before I'm done.

I've read cautions about using mug warmers as you can damage the hair on the brush if it becomes too hot. Wandering around Wally World the other day, waiting for my wife, I noticed a rack of mug warmers. It had a relatively small heating surface which was surrounded by a quarter inch metal lip. Believing my mixing bowl to be larger than the heating surface, I dismissed it. As I continued waiting, and waiting, I began to wonder if it might not be a blessing that the bowl was larger than the heating pad! My bowl should rest on the elevated rim which would keep my bowl a quarter inch or so above the direct heat. I decided to take the plunge with a significant investment of $2.50! What the heck, it's Christmas!

When I got it home, sure enough my bowl rests securly on top of the rim just as I'd hoped. The next morning, I plugged it in 2 or 3 minutes before I started my prep and soon it was ready to go. It has a high and a low setting with low being 110 degrees and high, 120 degrees. Neither temperature would likely do harm the brush but no sense taking chances and I'm just looking for warm, not hot. After my first pass when the brush touched my skin.....ah, warmth! I can even remove the bowl and hold it in my hand with the bottom of the bowl resting in my palm comfortably. Just the right amount of heat! No drying out of the lather was an additional bonus since there in no intense heat.

Here's a picture of the unit itself.


And with mug sitting atop the unit.


Gotta love the feel of warm wet badger hair in the morning!

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Hmm. I benched my mug warmer after it affected my brushes. Perhaps I will get it out of storage now.... The hot pot isn't doin' it for me - too annoying.

Was it getting your brushes too hot and if so, what did it do to them? Also, was your bowl resting on top of the heating surface?

I used a mug to keep the brush in between passes. It frizzles the ends of the bristles; kinda bends them over so they feel scritchy.
mark the shoeshine boy said:
so you shave with macaroni in a bowl...how do you mix the lather without it mixing it all up ????:huh:

doh !

mark tssb

His version of exfoliation!:biggrin:
OK Jerry, after a week or so not feelin' the hot pot love, I got my mug warmer out of storage, and I can now declare you king of the hill. This thing just works great when used to keep the bowl full o' lather warm in between passes.

For my mug warmer, I made a couple of adjustments. First, it takes these things quite a while to heat up. I turn mine on before I go into the shower, while my brush is soaking (in a mug), and my bowl is soaking in hot water in the sink. When it comes time to put the lather-filled bowl on top, it is plenty warm. Second, I don't keep my brush in there - I am just too concerned about sizzling the bristles. Even so, a good hard swirl in the warm bowl, and all is well with the world.

I'm glad to hear it's working out for you! :thumbup1: Mine is part of my every day ritual and I love the always warm lather.


Ditto. What's the brand? I'm willing to take the plunge, especially for a cheap price and LOW/HI settings.
g1010 said:
What brand is this mug? And only 2.50? Wow!

On the bottom it says:

Joint Legend Group Ltd
Beverage warmer
Model JBW1200

WalMart had displays of them before the holidays. I'm not sure if it's a regularly stocked item or not. Surely they didn't sell them all!
And you're right, for $2.50, you can't go wrong.

our local walmart only had the mug warmer with an on/off switch. Not the hi/lo settings.

However, I set the cup on top of the warmer with a little water and allow it to warm up as I shower...(picture that one, now !!!) My tap water is pretty warm, so i soak the brush in the sink.

I dump the water out of the bowl and start my lather process. I am a little leary of keeping my brush in the cup, because of brush damage. Even though it doesn't get that warm.

But it is a nice warm lather..and all I have to do is to pump it a few times and it will heat up again....:w00t: :001_tt1: :blush:

mark tssb
Any mug warmer will work. Mine only has one temperature. As previously mentioned, I don't keep my brush in there either, but a good swirl against the bottom of the bowl heats everything back up nicely.
I also thought the quaich was great and ordered one only in 4.5 inch size. I received and email from Scotland that the quaich was 'on its' way'.
i believe that those folks that scoff at us about our methods of shaving, really do not understand the pure joy of nice warm lather and a great shave....

I have a couple of guys who says..if it takes over five minutes I wouldn't do it..or I hate to shave...

This mug warmer, when used as described, is such a great way to start your day....instead of a drudgery..it is a complete joy to shave...perhaps too much..that is why of spouses don't understand it...for years they have seen us in and out of the bathroom and now you can't get us out !!!

For $2.50 you can turn your luxurious lather to the next level without really changing your method at all.

mark tssb
I got that exact same mug warmer at my local Wal-Mart for $1.00.

I bought a couple of them in case one breaks. They work great. I keep the brush out of it while it is sitting on the heater.
Where in Wal-Mart did you guys find the mug warmers? I looked at my local Wal-Mart SuperCenter a couple of weeks ago and couldn't find them. :confused: (I was looking around where the coffee makers and other kitchen appliances were)
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