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Most Frustrating Double Edge Razor

This has probably been done before but when I look back at the DE's lying fallow in the furrow the Pils has a special place. Because it was my most costly razor, I tried over the years to get a decent shave from it. I'd shave for a week and set it down and come back to it later. I never mastered the technique needed to make it effective. Never fed the Pils ultra-sharp blades for fear of the hara-kiri effect and mostly stuck with Russian Yellows (a personal fave).

I don't know how a Pils may have worked for you guys but I never hear about nor see them "on the market". Does anybody rotate a Pils?
I use a Pils once in a while, maybe going through one blade every couple of years. It is not my favorite by any means. It is a decent razor that gives an "ok" shave. I use 7 o'clock yellows or Iridiums in it to okay effect. There are many razors that do a better job.
I rotate my pils regularly and still like it very much.
Due to design factors, its blades hardly bend and can be said to be flat ; therefore, a very shallow angle must be maintained to achieve its highest shaving efficiency.
Because of the above reasons, the shaving feel of pils is very different from other razors, so you must use it frequently to maintain the operating habits. If the rotation period is too long, you will never be able to adapt to it.
I have to use it continuously for at least 30 days each time before I can switch to another razor.
I remember someone at B&B once said "pils are jealous razors"
Indeed, "she" obviously wants the owner to devote more attention to herself.
True shaving wisdom. I'm a SE guy now but cranked it up a few days ago to see if I could find the best angle. I like the Hammer of Thor look but it's apparently not for everyone. I didn't see it on the Pils website the other day.
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