Moon Mission Techmatic Tribute!

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Ad Astra, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. Ad Astra

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    Yes, he does! Took courage to shave with one of these in the first place. Anyways.

    Had a bit of a problem today - thought it was the razor, but just a design quirk.

    Blade-band wouldn't advance! Lever just spun. Tried another handle and it did the same! Hmmm ...

    It just needed a bit of downward pressure on the lever and the gearing "took," and she counted down to "3" … much like the days are counting down to July 16!

    Hope all intelligent people, sensibly interested in space exploration, are watching all these cool TV shows … NatGeo had a bunch last night!

    And the new Apollo 11 movie (70mm restored) is a must-see ...

  2. PBS Television is broadcasting a fascinating documentary about NASA and the space race called "Chasing the Moon" with lots of new footage, especially about the Soviet side of things. Worth tuning in!
  3. I would not remove a cartridge until it is finished. I don't know if Gillette anticipated that possibility in designing the Techmatic, but there is no reason it would have been routinely done. Similarly, I don't know if a partially used cartridge that has been removed, would re-install without a problem.
    Anyway, with these cartridges being so old, I would wind them carefully, as the plastic gears inside could be getting brittle by now, even though I've never had a problem with one.
  4. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    Yes, caught that last night!

    I had no idea JFK proposed a joint mission to Kruschev, and he refused! (The commies thought we would "steal their secrets." Like that exploding Energia booster, I guess. We could have used that on the Fourth of July!)

    Oh, well, fellas. We coulda got there together, but least we offered!

  5. ajkel64

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    Just a quick question on the best way to clean a Techmatic. I have turned the lever and advanced the blade. I have done nothing to the razor on receiving it apart from doing this. What’s the best way to give it a clean before I use it?
  6. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    I'll defer to RB on the best way ... I popped any cartridge out, sprayed with a scrubbing bubbles spray, and scrubbed with a toothbrush. Same basic I give any eBay shaver ... Have been taking the cart off, putting it on other razors, etc. without issue.

    Make sure that ribbon of steel looks good, smooth and flat when you lock it in, and you should have a great shave.

  7. Most importantly, do not "submerge" the cartridge in water or cleaning fluid!
    I also would not remove the cartridge from the handle. Simply clean the entire razor with alcohol or a liquid soap, using a small brush, such as a tooth-brush, and rinse clean. You may also dip the razor cartridge top or "head" in alcohol to sanitise it if you fear contamination, but the razor band is enclosed and is therefore unlikely to be unsafe.
    After the cartridge is fully spent, you may remove it and clean the razor handle more thoroughly.
    Eventually, I would recommend purchasing an N.O.S. cartridge, sealed on a blister-pack, which I have found to perform "as new." They are super-stainless steel coated and as sharp as new in my experience.
  8. Just had my first shave with the Techmatic and a partially used adjustible cartridge, advanced to a new section, and it was awesome! Left it on 3 for most of the shave. I raised it to 5 towards the end and was able to get almost as close as my usual SE razors on my cheeks (still close enough that I'm perfectly happy with it). It actually got closer on my neck than I can usually get. And hardly any feedback, almost none, from the alum block. An extremely comforable shave. I'll have no problem using this razor for several days in a row, in fact I'm looking forward to it.
  9. Glad to hear it!
    If only more blokes would jettison their preconceptions about this razor and give it the chance that it deserves!
  10. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Moderator

    Thanks for the tip, I will give it a clean tomorrow and prepare for a trial run on Saturday morning.
  11. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    Great to hear, x2!

    Mirrors my own experience; I find it pretty mild on the middle setting.

    Been using Techmatic for about two weeks straight; enjoyable, comfortable shaves, all.

  12. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Moderator

    Well, interesting shave this morning. Used the Techmatic for the first time. I did get a good shave out of it. I used Proraso White Shaving Soap and a Wilkinson Sword Brush. The razor that I used was off eBay and came from Greece. I have had it for quite some time. When I first received it I was playing around with it and realised that I had wound the blade on ready for the next shave. I had wound it from 5 to 4. I gave it a light wash in dishwashing detergent this morning and then proceeded to shave. I found that I was applying too much pressure due to the lightness of the razor and the first pass that razor seemed to be skipping over my cheeks. After trying to use less pressure the shave did improve. Funny, it felt like it was not really removing any whiskers but after 3 passes and a little touch up I felt like I had a good acceptable shave. I think my angle needs improving but I am in now and actually looking forward to tomorrow mornings shave.
    Go the Techmatic!!!!
  13. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    That's what I'm talking about! Or "A-OK," in astronaut-speak.

    Less than a week til the commemoration begins!

  14. You should get a better shave than that.
    Perhaps the blade's been exposed a long time, or the cartridge has been exposed to a harsh environment at sometime in its life. Someday get yourself a N.O.S. cartridge sealed in a blister-pack. When these blades perform as new, the shave is wonderful, and BBS! Good luck!
  15. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Moderator

    Second shave down. I was a little ambitious today and went for a 4 pass shave using Nivea Sensitive Shaving Cream. Finished up with a DFS but a lot more sting when using the Alum Block. My angle is still off a touch I think, plus trying not to use too much pressure is making me overthink a little. I am also finding a under the nose a little challenging. I still can't get over the feeling of no whiskers being removed but finishing up with a DFS. These razors baffle me in a good way, but I like the end result. I honestly at the moment do not know why these razors did not take off so to speak.
  16. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    I find Techmatic does very very well undernose... It is a totally different breed of cat, and it's feel takes getting used to.

    A regular DE is going to feel narrow! The mighty Techmatic is pretty wide!

  17. The 10-blade replacement cartridge cost $1.69 in 1965, the most expensive system one could buy at the time. Nothing wrong with the technology or the shave...completely did away with the nicks or weepers one could get from the corners of a double-edged blade and the super-stainless blades gave a full week of shaves from each blade-band, but it was simply too expensive at the time to ever dominate the market...
  18. Well, I see the exact anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch is at hand (not sure what that translated to, something minus something?) and I have an O-3 Techmatic and an assortment of carts, some partially used but with some band remaining per the counter, some (both Gillette & Schick) have been sealed since then ..

    Planning on a pre-launch shave tomorrow
  19. Ad Astra

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    An O-3? Nicely done!

    Well. T-minus two and counting ...

  20. Ad Astra

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    Tomorrow is the traditional steak and eggs breakfast, and then ... The moon awaits. Faint heart never won fair lady, and Luna is fairest of all!

    Techmatic crew, on deck!


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