Moon Mission Techmatic Tribute!

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Ad Astra, Jun 17, 2019.

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    @garyg , @razorboi , dang it! There goes my conspiracy theory.

    Yet I do have what, four of these now? Various years and only the very last one has the "T."

    Different assembly lines, perhaps.

    I still want to see the inside of Collins' razor.

  2. The heating, cooling, quenching, re-heating processes are all necessary, as I understand it, to produce a suitable "blank" band that can then be edge-ground, coated and cut into a D.E. blade, Techmatic-type band, or cartridge blade insert.
    I'm confident that Techmatic bands went through that process, otherwise, the band would be almost as flexible as paper, and useless for the purpose. And, you couldn't put an edge on it.
    The stiffness of the metal is something that can be manipulated to produce a desired result. Even D.E. and cartridge blank blade-bands that are quenched are then re-heated, otherwise they would be too brittle for grinding and use.
    The temperatures employed, and the length of time the metal is subjected to these temperatures is critical to the outcome. It is also based on the alloy used and the thickness of the alloy blanks.
    Thus, Techmatic bands certainly went through all of the stages outlined above, including quenching, but the processes were calibrated to produce a particular degree of flexibility suitable to this unique winding-cartridge system.

  3. Maybe back then Schick enough volume to have had different plants? Like the 351 Ford V-8, we made the C version in Cleveland, the 351 W came from Windsor Engine Plant No.2 ..
  4. My father was very particular about things and devoted to a Schick Krona around 1969/70. On the recommendation of his nephew-in-law, he tried a Techmantic, which was quickly abandoned without much comment. But, forever thereafter he referred to the relative as "Stupid Nephew Will." :001_302:
  5. I owned--and used--a TM when they first came out. I've never had a good shave with one.
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    Enjoying both Schick and Gillette band-carts this month of "Techmatic July." Schick is close enough (their blades are possibly better!) If anyone can shed light on their T-marked Techmatic, please post away.

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    So mean! It's just a $1.98 razor (back then).

    They really aren't that bad! Try one and see! I'm attempting to Techmatic-shave the whole month.

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    Your seems to be the common memory/experience ... yet a few claim they are good/adequate and I must admit I'm among them. The Schick band-cart seems like a slightly better shave ... if one is careful to examine the band-section for nicks, waves, bumps etc. and advance it to a smooth section, good shaves seem to result.

    It does feel like a plastic ice scraper, Bissell carpet sweeper, etc. as it's wider than a DE, but. It is a fun shave, and the choice of the Apollo astronauts, so. We honor their decision to take it along ... to the moon! this month.

    C'mon, July 16-20! Only two weeks to blastoff!

    (I draw the line at the brushless Old Spice goo and no running water, though. Seriously, it would clog with one swipe, and did!).

  9. LOL! I'm afraid mine has been rotting away in a landfill somewhere in Arizona for the past fifty years. Nonetheless, to get into the spirit of the event, I promise to squeeze in a shave or two with a Good News disposable and a face full of brushless.
  10. The Techmatic has been the favourite whipping-boy of online shaving forums for well over a decade.
    Ridicule and derision come effortlessly from those who have never used one and wouldn't even recognise one in a line-up. Of those claiming familiarity with the shaver, the negative comments come almost entirely from memories of using one "back in the day."
    Conversely, the majority of those that shave with one now-a-days report that it produces great, smooth results, and these are men who are using cartridges that are now forty to sixty years old!
    I've come to believe that this retro-shaving culture has influenced or tainted men's perceptions and memories as to certain products, ideas and trends, such as the Techmatic, but also more modern multi-blade carts in general, as well as shaving gel, foam, &etc.
    To anyone that remembers getting poor shaves from the Techmatic back in the 60's and 70's, I would challenge them to get one to-day, use it and report honestly on their experience. You can pick one up on ebay for a song, with a cartridge already in it!
  11. Well man, this is your opportunity to redeem "Nephew Will's" reputation once and for all! He wasn't wrong, he was just ahead of his time.
    So, find a Techmatic, floating in "the Bay" and give 'er a fair shot. Perhaps daddy's is still languishing within reach...
    Either way, you can finally exonerate Will...and after all of these years, doesn't he deserve that?
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    "We choose to go to the moon …" (… bringing with us the Gillette Techmatic, because we choose to look civilized on TV … )

    I'm putting away a titanium Timeless for a month in order to achieve this (shaving) goal! If I can put away this beauty, you can hang up your daily driver, too.

    Join the crew! Snag a Techmatic today! Correct the forum myth; they ARE very good shavers! We would not have taken it 240,000 miles if it wasn't the best!

  13. Challenge accepted, I did use the Techmatic back in the day, and don't recall it fondly. But I'm in on this adventure to see if my memory from the Age of Aquarius is flawed. Might be, we shall see in a couple weeks .. the gear is ready, save for the brushless cream
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    I have a brushless cream coming in the mail. It is made by L’Oréal. I have never used a brushless cream before so this could be interesting. I found my spare Techmatic and Blade spool the other day so I am well and truly ready apart from a test run to try and work out shaving angles etc.
  15. I'll probably try and use Proraso brushless, I don't need any more software taking up "space" ..

    Wonder how Collins got that big tube of OS brushless by TSA?
  16. If you're using a N.O.S. cartridge sealed in a blister pack, it should perform as intended. I just recently used an original N.O.S. "introductory" cartridge from 1965! and it performed "as new," i.e sharp as new.
    However, if you are using a cartridge already on a razor, there can be no guarantees, as the environments the open cartridge has been subjected to over the decades are unknown. Still, chances for good results are high if you just wind past the exposed blade to a fresh one from inside the cartridge.
    The bands are stainless, and I routine get a week's worth of shaves from one.
    However, I differ from the astronauts in that I do not use brushless shaving cream, nor do I forego water, as they did.
    I guess I don't wear a space-suit while shaving either!
    But you can take the fantasy as far as you like.
    Being an earth-bound observer in 1969, you'll need a paisley shirt, Nehru jacket (beads optional), purple corduroy bell-bottoms with an extra-wide stitched leather belt, Spanish boots, round rose-coloured glasses, Williams or Old Spice shaving cream in a tube (or we would also accept "Rise" in a can), Jade East after-shave, incense burning in your bed-room (bonus point for patchouli), your new purchase playing on the phonograph would be the "Hair" soundtrack or Blood, Sweat & Tears first LP. However, if you're a hard-core druggie, you're still playing Electric Ladyland (Hendrix), Wheels of Fire (Cream), or the White Album from last year. At least one black-light poster and two from rock bands. And if you can afford a '68 Bonneville in the drive-way, you're probably still living at home with your parents!
  17. Using a Techmatic wasn't the only way in which my cousin was stupid, in the eyes of my father. :001_302:

    This is an interesting article about shaving in space: The First Time Anyone Shaved in Space
    Sounds like a Techmatic was better than the wind-up rotary shavers.
  18. While I do not have a Techmatic, I do have a '64 Slim, which I would bet many men at NASA had. For that matter, any 60's razor! So I will join in Spirit, put aside my Karve razor, and shave with a razor that may have been common to the men involved.

    Eric; M, Karve Diem, BOSC
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    Can't say about the guy. But yes it is, and yes it was!

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    That's got to be true, and spirit counts!


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