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    Got myself a Techmatic (actually a lot of 4, quite cheaply) because of this thread. Partly because it's a really cool idea as a way to commemorate the moon landing, and partly because the Techmatic looks like an interesting razor to try (I'd never heard of it before). So I'm in, and I'll probably give it a preliminary try once it comes in. I don't have any brushless cream but maybe I'll get some Barbasol to go along with it.
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    Welcome aboard, @CelticFox ! You'll find they shave better than ancient lore says ... I'm using one all month. Band-carts can be had on the bay, I got more yesterday. Examine the edge before use and simply advance it one turn if it's in question. Schick carts work and seem to me slightly better. I'm getting at least 5-6 shaves per band-section "blade."

    Curious what year yours are - look for a 1969 O-year. And I wouldn't ask anyone to shave with brushless ook and no water, as the astros did...

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    I've been wondering about that tube as well... (And welcome aboard @garyg !)

    Collins wouldn't have taken a half-used tube, would he? That just seems like packing a dirty shirt. And yet the whole dang tube got used, and all three of them couldn't have used it up in 8 days, most of which they didn't shave ...

  3. I'll just point out that the Techmatic blades are great, and new sealed cartridges can be relied upon, even to-day.
    However, if you get a used razor and cartridge, I would not use the blade-section that is currently exposed. It may be "used" and even if not, it's probably been exposed for years and will probably have oxidised. I would recommend winding on to a new blade-section.
  4. AD ASTRA:
    I feel you are drawing too much of a conclusion from your limited experience with these cartridges.
    I know you bought an N.O.S. Techmatic with its accompanying cartridge and there were "sharpness" issues with it, especially the first "exposed" blade section. The razor-case was not "sealed" in any effective way and the condition (from the photos you shared), was frightening. It was dirty, dusty, and possibly showing evidence of prior mould. I warned you that the cartridge was not "reliable" and should not be used to form an opinion of them in general. I believe that is the only Techmatic cartridge you have had experience with.
    I'm pleased for you that the Schick cartridge was without issues and performed well, but I would not draw any conclusions about which cartridge is better based upon that experience.
  5. I have a few mint unopened Techmatics. Unfortunately they are all in storage as collectors items. I have just found a 5 blade adjustable head in a drawer. It was boxed, the box was falling apart. The head looks unused, I will definitely forward it thou. So it's a rush to get a handle in time.
  6. I just bought an unopened Schick Band razor, but it probably won't get here in time.
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    Welcome to the flight, @Sabre ! Well, it's only July 6. I'm betting the handle arrives before Columbia splashes down!

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    Yes, could be! I've only been shaving with Techmatic about two weeks; that isn't much time to draw true conclusions. I shave both Gillette and Schick band-carts back and forth ... And I do have several more unopened packs - I plan to use these as travel razors after the month.

    Vintage Schick Krona DE blades are very good! So is the Krona razor. At least one of my unopened band-carts is Krona-branded, too; looking forward to that one.

  9. I've used vintage blades in both Injectors and DEs - always on the lookout for Plus Platinums or Personna 74's. What I wonder about the band cartridges is, at least those that have been used to shave and thus wet at some point, including the still rolled portion of the band, is how well they could last when dipped in water and canned goo circa 1970 ..

    I've picked up some NOS Techmatic refills, and some Schick Instamatics with a 1969 Copyright on the package, and you all have convinced me those will be good for liftoff. What I'm going to try first is a non-NOS that was only partially wound out - a 5 edge version with 4 edges remaining ..
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    I did the same thing- gave it a preflight trial - and I've been shaving with them ever since!

  11. I don't recall Gillette addressing the possibility that a user might submerge the cartridge in water, but I should think it common-sense not to. I merely rinse the "cutting-head" of the cartridge under the tap and shake it off. I also wipe the handle and cartridge dry with a towel, though I've never read any recommendation to do so.
    I have the booklet that came with the "newly-released" Techmatic in 1965 and it merely states to "rinse razor and shake out excess moisture." The supply reel and take-up reel are discreetly separate from each other and Gillette contemplated a user winding a wet band and perhaps even one with shaving cream on it (see photos). Nevertheless, I only wind to the next band before I shave, when the razor is dry.
    If you're starting with a "used" cartridge, I would not trust the blade-band that is exposed. Who knows what environment it has been subjected to, or for how many years. I would wind on to the next band.
    However, sealed N.O.S. cartridges have always been as good as new in my experience.
    Why, I tell ya, I wouldn't give you a bum steer, Mac, honest I wouldn't. What d'ya take me for...some dirty rat? I want ya looking smooth for the dames, don't I? I'm on the level, here. Me? I got myself a little number down in Frisco, if ya know what I mean?...and I use the stuff myself... Techmatic booklet1.JPG Techmatic booklet2.JPG Techmatic booklet3.JPG Techmatic booklet4.JPG
  12. Thanks guys. There is a cart still in the package so I should have at least 1 that's useable. Not sure what years the razors are, I'll check the date codes once they get here. A 1969 would be cool to get for sure!

    As for Schick carts, what were they called? I know even less about the Schick razors than the Techmatics, but I have no problem trying both brands, as long as the price is right lol.
  13. The Schick razor became known as the "Instamatic" and was essentially identical to the Gillette Techmatic in form. It came later than the Techmatic and benefited from copying the Techmatic's design and was compatible with the Techmatic razor's form. The blades copied, but were not necessarily better than, the Techmatic in form. The blades could not be used in a Techmatic, but Techmatic's blades could be used in the Instamatic's razor. So, Schick had an advantage.
  14. Sorry, I mis-spoke. Schick had the advantage. The Techmatic blades could not be used in an Instamatic, but the Instamatic blades could be used in a Techmatic.
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    Thanks for the tip regarding cleaning the Techmatic. I have not cleaned any of mine yet and I was going to give it a full on spa day fully dunked and everything. Might just give it a spray with some Glen 20 spray disinfectant.
  16. Think I'll pull one of the spent bands apart to see what kind of protection is inside for the unwound edge(s). Back then I used a basin of water (and used goo and whisker shavings) for rinsing a razor, and it was left to dry on the sink or in a shower kit. Thanks to the Forums, I now rinse in running water, dip in alcohol, and hand strop the blades. Not sure there's much of a difference with respect to getting moisture inside the head.
  17. Techmatics came in today. The date codes are P1 and R1, so '70 and '71 I believe. Would have been cool to get an O, but for the price I paid I can't complain. I have to say I really like the look of them in person. They look pretty "space-age", like they belong on a space ship.

    Also got a couple which are fully plastic and I can't seem to find date codes on them.
    20190709_011155.jpg 20190709_011201.jpg
  18. The plastic ones are Gillette "Sure Touch" razors. They came out a little later in the 70's and were one of the first disposable razor designs. The razor would have four (4) "blades" when new and sold for 98 cents. It is essentially just a self-contained disposable Techmatic.
  19. Cool, thanks @razorboi! You have a lot of great info on these razors.

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