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Monsieur Charles Str8

Hello All,

Saw this on bestgroomingtools.com (a site Joel mentioned in the Score forum). The Monsieur Charles Str8. Uses Personna disposable blades. I have been thinking of trying a str8 soon and was wondering if any of the experienced str8 users have any knowledge of this razor, pros and cons for a prospective str8 user? Costs about $25.

Or is there a better "starter" str8?

Thank you in advance for your replies.

Plano TX

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Great looking razor. As far as opinions, the advantage with this razor is you won't have to worry honing and stropping. My own opinion would be suggest conctacting one of the guys at SRP and buy a used straight from them. All you need to work with from there is a strop, at least for the next little while.

Hi Richard.

I just used a str8 for the first time this weekend. I went back and forth between buying a disposable blade type and a "real" str8. In the end, I got a str8 from one of the experienced honemeisters and bought a relatively inexpensive strop from Tony Miller. I think this is a good way to go, since I am somewhat unsure how close one of the disposable types is to shaving with a real str8.

That being said, if you just want to try one out to see if you like it, I know that some of the folks on this site will send you one to try. Just speak out, my friend.:tongue_sm

I managed not to kill myself, but the learning curve from a DE is a long one.... If you want to ask a kindred str8 newbie any questions, drop me a note.
There are a few dispoable bladed straight on the market.
Dovo Shavette uses DE blades snapped in half. Kind of light feeling in the hand, about 20-25 bucks or so.

The Weck Sextoblade (no longer made, but available on Ebay), Fromm and Personna models are basically the same. All metal, gives a better "feel" (at least to me) in the hands. Uses Fromm or Personna blades, the kind with a doubled over metal ridge on one side of the blade. About 5-10 bucks available at any barber or beauty supply store.

Feather- supposed to be the cream of the crop, heavy solid feel so its probably most like a real straight.Can be much more expensive.

Pros of disposable straights- honing and stropping is eliminated. Good for travel razors, or seeing if trying a real straight is for you.

Cons-- ain't the "real thing".
Thank you all for your replies. Laz's pros and cons were simple and well put.

Let me think about it. Probably the thing to do right now is to buy the Monseiur Charles just to see if I feel comfortable just holding a str8 and if I can manuever it around my face. Maybe just going through the motions without a blade inserted might prove useful. The Monseiur Charles is inexpensive and seems to have the contours and weight of a real str8.

Need to read Dr Moss' Guide to str8 razor shaving as well.

Then perhaps the next step is a loaner str8 and strop. At that time, I will follow Scotto's advice and make my request on this forum.

No rush.

Thanks again.

Plano TX
Just got a Monsieur Charles last weekend and shaved w/ it once now. I've been using real straights for years and the weight & balance of the M. Charles is very similar. Got a nice shave from it, but truth to tell, I like the real straights better when they are SHARP. I botched the honing on 3 of my 4, and till I fix the edges on them I'll be using the M. Charles or one of my old DE's or Gems or Schick.
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