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Weck Sextoblade Pass: The Reviews

Unfortunately the costs of shipping US-Portugal are prohibitively high.
We pay as much for shipping as for the Sextoblade.
You can try other country's eBay sites. Sometimes a Weck will find itself on the other side of the pond, but these were made in the US, and no longer made, so the US ebay is about the only place you are going to find 95% of them.

Even if you have to pay double, it's worth it in my opinion. In my opinion, the Weck is the second best shavette out there. The best being the Feather. And with Feather's cheapest model costing ten times what the Weck costs... the Weck is the best value in shavettes for the quality you will find.
Hi guys, i'm new to this forum and was wondering if anyone knew does the guard seen on some of the the Weck Sextoblade models just slide off? or are there different versions, i.e. ones that take the Personna blade without the guard and others with the guard fixed in place that are used simply as hair styling tools? The reason i'm asking is that i want to try the Weck (without the guard) for shaving. cheers
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