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Moisturiser over A/S

Does anybody here use a moisturiser on top of an aftershave balm or gel? I had always avoided doing this in the past, because I have relatively oily skin and a balm seemed more than enough for me. Now that I have switched over to an A/S gel (Nancy Boy at the moment, looking to add the Shaving Gallery product to the rotation in the future) I wonder whether a light moisturiser on top would be of any benefit.
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I try and choose my aftershave product in such a way that moisturizer is not necessary. Of course, on my forehead/nose, I sometimes apply moisturizer since I am not shaving there....
I try to pick an after shave that has a moisturizing quality, and apply it all over my face--even the spots I don't shave. I only use a moisturizer when my face is in bad shape, usually in the winter.
Summers are hot here and usually involve lots of sun. Consequently I've been known to layer a light moisturizer that has spf in it over an ASB. Seems to work just fine for me and I have very oily skin. The trick is to find a light oil-free moisturizer. I personally like California North's Action Moisturizer, but I also hear good things about Baxter's oil-free as well.
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