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Merkur Futur: How to change blades 101

Yesterday I finally discovered how to change blades in this razor without feeling like one of the Ronin about to comit harakiri.
For those who already know this technique: nevermind, just skip this thread - For all others: here goes!

(No pics I'm afraid: no digital camera yet -and if I had one: wouldn't dare to ask SWMBO to take pictures. She thinks my shaving obsession is nuts already...)

Step 1: (for those right-handed) Hold the Futur in your right hand and look at the head of the razor. You'll notice the cap is slightly assymetrical: one side is just a bit larger: instead of being just flat, this side of the cap makes a little outwards-pointing arch (hope that makes sense -English is only my third language).

Step 2: twist the razor until this larger side of the cap is facing you. Then place the index and middle fingers of your left hand over the cap and the thumb underneath (on the same, larger side facing you).

Step 3: Put the tip of your right thumb on the side of the cap and gently push upwards (sort of like using a lighter but in the other direction). Use the fingers of your left hand to safely control the movement of the cap. When done correctly the cap will let go of the razor head just on one side.

Step 4: Switch hands. Hold the shaft of the razor with your left hand and use index finger and thumb of your right hand to gently detach cap (and sometimes also blade) completely from the razor head.

Et voilà! A safely opened Futur without blades flying around, slit wrists and gruesome bloodbaths.
I really believe this technique counters some of the criticisms of the Futur having tremendous design flaws. You don't just need the right tool for the job -you gotta have the right technique for the tool. :cool:
I'm impressed that you know about ronin and hara-kiri but a better term is seppuku. Hara-kiri is a pejorative in the eyes of Japanese and samurai.

BTW you don't need photos of your blade changing but a nice video. Sounds like you're onto something there with your technique.

Nice job.

jduffy said:
I'm impressed that you know about ronin and hara-kiri but a better term is seppuku. Hara-kiri is a pejorative in the eyes of Japanese and samurai.
Then Seppukku it will be! Thanks.


Sadly Japanese isn't my first nor second language. Could the doctor provide us with a translation please? :wink:
Yer all a bunch of big girl's blouses! Just flick the top off and catch it and the now loose blade with the free hand as they fall to the floor - simple! Works for me and I don't pick my nose any more with the free hand. Difficult with so few operational fingers..:eek:

Seriously, a late uncle of mine was a glazier and he just used to pick up and throw around sheets of glass as if they were soft plastic. He always said you don't cut yourself if you aren't afraid of it. Handle it with kid gloves and you're in ribbons. Works just as well with blades.

I have not had any problems with the cap. When I want to change the blade, I just turn it upside down and pop the cap off with my thumb into my other hand. The blade usually comes off in the cap, and I just remove the blade and throw it away.

Yeah, I'm with Brian. While I appreciate the detailed description of the method, I really find it very easy to simply hold the razor upside down in my right hand, immediately above the upfacing palm of the left. Use right thumb to pop off the cap. It falls, with blade onto the left hand. There done. Well, ok, set down the razor body, pick up the cap with the right hand, and turn it over to dump out the blade on a convient surface (sink, or palm of left hand again). Or sometimes I just pick the blade up by its edges out of the cap. Not that I'm suggesting this, but if it isn't a Feather and you use an appropriately light touch, you won't cut yourself.
Mmm. The main point seems to be popping off the cap with the thumb. It was my understanding that most gents pulled it off by holding it w/ index finger and thumb. That's the way I used to do it and it really was somewhat dangerous. Not anymore.
Good point. I probably wouldn't do it that way. Be surprised to hear of anyone actually cutting themself, but the blade would tend to go flying around.
Thank you Stauff. I have had my Futur for 2 months now and never noticed the little slightly pointy thingy on the side. Makes a big difference. A light flick is all it takes. Actually is very smooth of a mechanism now that I do it this way. I wonder if I can go back to the post where I rated the Futur. The score will definitely go up on my rating since I love all other aspects of this marvelous razor.
I am a little red in the face now though. Before writing this sentence, I got up and took a good look inside the Futur box and there is a little tinee weeny pamphlet explaining the procedure.
Thanks again :biggrin1:
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