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Melting Susie's soaps?

Hi. I have several pucks of Susie's Bubbles N Squeak soaps, and I'm thinking that rather than buy something else to use for travel, I'd maybe try melting a part of one of them and pouring it into a travel sized container. From reading on here, I believe that using a microwave, in short bursts, is recommended for soap melting?

Has anyone done this with any of Susie's soaps?

It is a melt and pour base, so I'm assuming that it will work if I'm careful?
One of her soaps (one with a shea butter base, to be exact) was the only soap I've microwaved rather than grated. I used short bursts and ended up with a nice, smooth bowl of soap.

Only thing about it was that I couldn't get decent lather with it for a time or two. I guessed that perhaps some non-lathering element of the soap ended up forming a thin layer on the surface as it cooled. It was fine afterwards, so I'm just mentioning it in case you get weird results initially.
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