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Mathematics on safety razor blades vs Gilette/Wilkinson

I now use the Wilkinson quattro. I want to try the Lord platium stafety razor blades.
Let's compare those two in price for a whole lifespan:

Prices are European prices (Dutch) in euro's not on ebay, just online/regualr shops. Ony value packs are used.

8 replacement cartridges titanium quattro cost 24,95 euro's. One cartridge can last for approximately 10x shaving.
One year has 365 days, I shave myself every other day. So this means that I shave for about 182,5 days in one year. 182,5/10= 18,25cartridges. This costs me in one year: 3,1 (price of one cartridge) x 18,25= 57 euro's approximately. I am 33 years now. The average male lives till about his 75st birthday approximately (at least I hope! LOL). So this means that I will have to pay 42 (years) x 57 euro's= 2394 euro's till death comes. That is al lot of money. Gillette on the other hand is more expensive. This will result in a total sum of: 3248 euro's

Now the maths on the safety razor blades:
100 double edged blades for example Lord's cost about 15 euro's. One blade has two sides. One side lasts for about 5 close shaves. This means that one blade can be used 2x5= 10 times. 100 blades can be used 100x10= 1000 times.
I shave myself every other day. So this is 182 days in one year. 1000/182,5= 5,5 years approximately. This means that till the age of 75 I will use: 7,6 times 100 double edged blades of 15 euro's a package. This is a total of: 7,6 x 15= 114 euro's

Gillette: 3248 euro's Wilkinson 2394 euro's Lord 114 euro's
Gillette = 4621 am dollars, wilkinson= 3406 am dollars, Lord = 162 am dollars
The last one also has less irritation and a closer shave.

Why are most people still stubborn and buying the Gillette stuff?

gone down south

Because cartridge shaving is quicker, easier, more readily available, highly advertised, simple to learn.

DE shaving involves internet research, buying sample packs and trying different razors, learning a fairly complex new skill, putting up with poor results for a couple months until it clicks. Etc. Etc.
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You forgot to factor in the ten grand or so that you're going to drop on brushes, vintage razors, and creams/soaps.
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