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March Meerschaum Madness


Moderator Emeritus
It arrived a day early! Currently loaded up with MB Vanilla Roll Cake.

Side note, showed the wife when it arrived, first words from her was "Well, that's going to color up really nicely...". I guess she's been paying attention to my pipe talk all these years, after all. lol

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Nice lookin pipe! several bowls through mine, no color yet.


Moderator Emeritus
Nice lookin pipe! several bowls through mine, no color yet.
Yeah, I know how that is. Meer coloring is a marathon, not a sprint. Have to just focus more on the smoke and the blend, and put the coloring to the back of the mind over all.


Moderator Emeritus
Been focusing on the new claw/egg meer, and the IMP Freehand mostly. See if I can get any sort of color into the new one over the next couple weeks. I'll hold off on pics on that till the end of the month.
Very nicely patina'd, right up the shank.

It almost looks like a Bones.
Yes sir 👍. These african meerschaum pipes are a bit different than the bright white Turkish meerschaum. This stuff is harder and pre colored or "fumed". Takes alot longer for them to darken so I definitely understand why they did it. They are a bit less absorbent than the Turkish meers but still grrat smokers. Arguably more collectible than Turkish meerschaum pipes too as they are no longer being made. The African vein of meerschaum was used up a good many years ago. I enjoy collecting them and they are great smoking pipes 👍
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