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No matter the season, no matter the weather the hunt should continue....

Visit the familiar places, seek out new ones, always searching for the elusive find ... and, you never know, you may stumble on that special something because ...

The Scores do await, whether in the wild and online. And when you find one, oh does it feel so good!

And Gents, when you snag one please let us know.

Because, we all want to see and think ... Lucky Dog! I need one of THOSE....
Antique, sterling silver, lather bowl. Had for just under the metal spot price. It has polished up to a mirror finish with some elbow grease, lapping film, soft cloth and diamond paste. Score!
Mail call:

TFS Shave & Roses Roseship
TFS Shave & Roses Dracaris
Yaqi 26mm Timberwolf
Wholly Kaw Entropy Man
Ariana and Evans Asian Plum
Noble Otter Lonestar

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Ed Pinaud Paris Najouter Foi Oua la Signature Vintage Bottle

Got this off eBay for $10.00 delivered - Got 95% cleaned - Uses screw on white cap.! No chips, no cracks ... Pristine ! And yes, Ed Pinuad Classic is going in it!
20200306_163129.jpg 20200306_162914.jpg 20200306_162816.jpg 20200306_162700.jpg 20200306_162612.jpg
Over the weekend: a bottle of Faberge Brut. Got it at a yard sale for $3 because it barely had any aftershave left in it, but it still had the medallion.

Today: an Omega Pure Badger brush courtesy of @RobertJ .
Today in the spirit of the upcoming St. Patricks day, I received a box from PAA with Irish Springs and ESP bundles. Both smell great off the puck, but I must say I love the boldness of Springs. I can't wait to break them in starting next week. If only the market made me this excited.
Today I received an order from WCS. I picked up a B&M Nordost soap & aftershave bundle and Yaqi Mocha Express 26mm badger brush. Although I haven't tried either yet, the scent of Nordost is amazingly fresh, and the Yaqi appears to be extremely solid. The handle is outstanding and the knot feels dense and soft. I am very pleased. As a bonus, they threw in a free gift of a B&B 10th anniversary boar brush and a Dr Jons Anne Bonny soap. The brush appears to be of great quality and looks. I also enjoy Dr Jons and I am very intrigued to lather it up and smell the released scent. Over all a very pleasing surprise and I can't waiting to start breaking these guys in. A spot of cheer during these difficult times!

Got my hands on a TurnNShave brush!

It had a great shape, beautiful colors, and good price. Was hard to pass up. :pipe:

TurnNShave 26mm 2-band badger brush. "Blue Smoke"